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Friday, October 23, 2009

Officially missing you.

hello everyone.
Exams are in 3 days and im working hard.. i think.

Anyhoo , brother introduced a song cover sang by two twins, Janice and Sonia.
They're voices are really nice and I think my brother is dreaming to marry both of them.
The song is "Officially missing you" by Tamia.
It has been released around 5 years ago but i only found out about it just now. lol.

I've put that song cover in my playlist, hope you guys enjoy it =D

here are the lyrics :

Officially missing you - Tamia



All I hear is raindrops falling on the rooftop

Oh baby, tell me why'd you have to go

'Cause this pain I feel it won't go away

And today I'm officially missin' you

I thought that from this heartache, I could escape

But I've fronted long enough to know

There ain't no way

And today I'm officially missing you

Ooh...can't nobody do it like you

Said every little thing you do, hey, baby

Said it stays on my mind

And I-I'm officially...

All I do is lay around, 2 years full of tears

From looking at your face on the wall

Just a week ago you were my baby

Now I don't even know you at all, I don't know you at


Well, I wish that you would call me right now

So that I could get through to you somehow

But I guess it's safe to say, baby, safe to say

that I-I'm officially missin' you

Ooh...can't nobody do it like you

Said every little thing you do, hey, baby

Said it stays on my mind

And I-I'm officially

Well, I thought I could just get over you, baby

But I see there's something I just can't do

From the way you would hold me

To the sweet things you told me

I just can't find a way to let go of you

Ooh...can't nobody do it like you

Said every little thing you do, hey, baby

Said it stays on my mind

And I-I'm officially...

It's official

Hoo, you know that I'm missin' you, yeah, yes

All I hear is raindrops, oh, yeah

And I-I'm officially missin' you

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ohh-so-random post 2.

If you can read this, I call you pro! hahahha! nah it's actually quite easy to read.


AHAHA. That was a few hours ago till now. I'm so hyped up because of that just now =).

Yesterday night I was soo bored so I took some pictures with my camera.


my numero!

my numero baby plush =)

my.. bed.

ahah damn cute right ?? right ?!
I think I should put this as my header. haha!

My camera kinda sucks cause take a few pictures already no battery.
Haha, okay la not a few, alot. But it still runs out of battery pretty fast. sigh.

The other day, when i was camwhoring in my parents room, my bro came in and then he started to syiok sendiri also. lol.

lol! N0obZz!

You know, I think Elmo is kind of scary. He addresses his self as elmo and not 'me', 'I', 'my'. It'll be elmo, elmo and elmo's.
It's like..

"Hi, Elmo!"
"Hello, Big Bird! What are you up to? Elmo's making a song"
"Oh what song, Elmo?"
"It's called 'Elmo's song'! Elmo made it himself!"

Haha. Did you realise this ? no ? Because of that, elmo scares me. lol. Why ? because.. because.. it reminds me of...





immA So sAdz noW =(
So S0rry to show all you kind ppl indecent pictures of Elm0.
After all this.. just remember one most important thing in the whole world.









Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ohh-so-random post.

WARNING : This is my another oh-so-random post so please do not hesitate to tag before you leave. Also, i do not make sense as i give pig liver to my dog.
(as you are reading this post, please enjoy the music that is being played. There is no reason why i typed that line out.)

Exams are coming and why am I still here ?
I can't seem to study. I dontknow why. When i feel like studying, automaticly less that a second or two, i won't wanna study anymore. lol!

Maybe it's because I thought of Sejarah and then i dont wanna study anymore. Who knows.
you can stop laughing now.

It's just that there's too much to read. I mean, all the chapters from form 1 and form 2 are coming out.
When Sam and I heard that, we were like "Just fail it ni la. -__-"
and then our Sejarah teacher, Cik Mazenah told us that Pn. Thanaletchumy was the one who set it.
Straight away say "NO WONDER LAH!"


Anyway, o2jam is back!
But it's not o2jam anymore, now it's back as Angel jam! haha!
Been playing it for the pass 3 days. Miss that game =D

Also, Nigahiga is BACK with Off the pill rants.
Off the pill rants means that he rant about stuff when he didnt take his pills, lol! I think so.
Well he just goes on and on complaining about stuff but also makes a lotta sense
and you know what ?!
I'm gonna make a rant on Nigahiga! (inside joke)

Now let's end this post with one of his Off the pill rants video.

haha, this one's my favourite =)

Okay, gotta go now!
Bye Bye all you kind people!

now the party don't start till I walk in.


Friday, October 16, 2009

New dress!

Guess what erybody!

Mommy just came back from Bangkok last night and she bought me two dresses!

and since i was so bored, i wore one of it and SS-ed in mah room =D

huhu, i love this dress.
I don't really have many dresses and this is only the second time i SS in a dress.
So hope you don't mind for more pictures ! =D

hahahah! wheee! Hope you didn't die after all those.
I bet Sam would.

Well today, today is a boring day.
Went to summit in the evening with bro and dad and i saw LG Crystal!!
OMG i want that phone =( it's so cool. haha.

The keypads are transparent.
It's made of tempered glass and lights up around the edges with bluish-white light.
cool huh ?

Not only that, it also has an 8 MP camera!!
Good for ppl like me who likes to SS =D

The most chio thing is, you can pour crystals in it! Just like how Xia Xue , a famous Singaporean blogger, did it.

Chun right ?!

pictures taken from her blog btw.

Hopefully I can get one too! =)

I had so many dreams about you and me, happy ending, now I know.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gitchy gitchy goo means I love you ~

It was 9 am ++, just woke up, got nothing to do, so snap! =)

Yesterday , 14 October was JassJazz birthday!
Just wanna wish her happy belated birthday!!


I couldn't stop laughing today. Everything I do, everything i see, i touch, i smell (LOL) just makes me wanna laugh, laugh and laugh.

Everyone thinks im crazy now! Oh wait, they already know i'm crazy. Hahah!

But after awhile, i got so tired, then I couldnt really move, wanna collapse. Luckily didnt! hahaha!

During WBS ( Waktu belajar sendiri ), Sam, Chia Yan , Nat and Yvonne were so lifeless (ngek ngek!) that they made CARDS.
You know ? playing cards. hahah!

Diamond is Nat, I'm the flower, Chia Yan's the heart and Samantha's the spade.
Yvonne's name is on all the picture cards! lol!

The second most exciting thing that happened to me today is...
I now know how to calculate the arc and also the circumference. LOLOL. lame i know. Im not so smart ma. TT. Biggest achievement of the day. lol.


I'm very hungry right now.
I'm eating maggie mee right now. LOL.

I've been eating maggie mee everyday. At least one packet a day. Or maybe two D:
I think i'm gonna die soon =(

Okay, that's enough for now.




Tuesday, October 13, 2009

emosi terganggu.

Sorry guys but you just have to bear with my crap cause i've been really moodless these few days.

elayne : sam, you bore me.
chia yan : hah ? you saying samantha gave birth to you ?
elayne and sam : hah ?
chia yan : what you mean by samantha bore you ?
sam : she's saying that i am making her feel bored la, you idiot.
chia yan : ouhh, but there's another meaning for it ma, no meh ? like give birth..

*asks xiao ki*

and then xiao ki said that there is another meaning, but i dontknow the spelling, so yeah.

LOL. That was just a random conversation between me , sam and chia yan.
and yes, i really have nothing else better to do.
i dontknow what i'm saying.

my facebook application, friends for sale isn't loading.
so irritating.

I cant believe you people read my craps.
Is it really that entertaining ? lolol.
but i definitely know that my craps amuse me all the time, without fail. LOL.

it's like..

tulk billey. *laughs*

OMG SAM. what ? nothing. *laughs*

oh yeah, i forgotten to mention that, SAM tied her hair so lala today.
It's like..

sam : *ties*
elayne : omg sam, your hair, you tied it senget.
sam : *reties*
elayne : LOL so lala.
chia yan : eh, ya la, omg.

elayne and chia yan nags nags nags nags nags.

sam : AIYAH DONT CARE LA. *it was more to the side*

elayne and chia yan : HAHAHHAHAHHA.

okay, i really have nthing to entertain you guys with.
I shall stop blogging now.

Jazz is a spazz ~
hey it rhymes.

taataaaaaaaa ~


Monday, October 12, 2009



mom went to bangkok already.

School is still depressing as usual.

Thanks Jon for the gift.

I finally hate 1 person.

I finished 3 correcters today.

I learnt how to write italic.

Found out my maths suck.

My science still rocks.

I had burger this afternoon.

Fried maggie for dinner.

Sam and nat tricked me, so evil.

I'm ran out of ink.

I need money to restock my stationary.

I don't love you, by the way.

I only love Justin Bieber.

He's mine only, Jas.

I lost my white rubber band. (my favourite one)

My dog is gonna eat my burger.

I had a fish fillet during recess.

My english is not bad.

Thana is actually really funny.

Some people hurt other people without realising.

I think Pn. Sharon is on to me.

Thanks Fel for the msg, I didn't reply as i've got no credit. Sorry.

I realised i received a lotta soft toys for this year's birthday.

I think this is really random.

My dad is watching his chinese aunty show.

I cannot take it having no credit.

Someone's birthday is coming and it starts with the letter J.

I pray to God everyday for some reasons.

I also pray to not die on Wednesday.

May everyone have mercy on me.

Thank you.

- elayne.

and i'm off to end my day with my cup of milo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Original version.

LOL version.

Chun version.



Saturday, October 10, 2009


Thank you erybody for making my bday a blast =D

It all started the night when erybody wishes me.
So happy that most of you remembered my bday!! Thanks yea! and sorry i didn't reply some because i ran out of credit..

A special thanks to Samantha, Chia Yan, Natasha, Yvonne and Jasmine for celebrating my bday with me!
They even bought me a chocolate cake from.. Pavillion, AHEMMM.
With smarties on top spelling out "LING" lol!
Thanks yeah, but i couldn't finish the cake, so gave it to other ppl ;p

and also thanks for all the prezzies, love 'em!

After school, as usual, I got splasheddd. I think it's kinda like a tradition in our school. LOL.
Chris splashed Nat's pepsi.

Then, I went to tuition.
Aih, birthday also must rajin ma.. lol.

Came back and mom, dad sang me a birthday song and then cut cakeeeeeee!

waiting for the cake..

walking to the cake..

OmG Blue Berry CHeESe Cake!

making a wish..


me and dad (jas father in law)



cutting tha cakee

serving tha cake

After cake, mom brought back some stickers to stick on the wall and so I helped her stick it on the room wall!

tadaaaaa, ignore mua lame faces.

the left side


the right side


both sides!

And for yesterday, it was an AMAZING DAY in school! Seriously man! Yesterday rocked!
Wish can have another day like yesterday :)

And after school, family and I went to Shogun! for my birthday.. haha.
Not many pics but hope you enjoy them.

shabu shabu ;D

can you spot me ? XD

bro and the porcupine pao.

shot 2.

ate until very very very very full!

Anyway, today is Adrian Ng's birthday!

Happy Birthday yaww! Hope you have a great bday!
We shall celebrate our birthday together another day :D

That's all for now!