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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Just a random recent photo

It's been suchhh a long time since i've blogged. To those that still follow me will surely be surprised when you see my blog updated in your feed!
I've decided to start blogging again because instead of moping around my house doing nothing, I'd like to use this blog as an excuse to do something exciting everyday (Hopefully).
I have actually considered doing vlogs but i'm just TOO SHY and AWKWARD!
Maybe someday when I gain more courage and find that people actually enjoy knowing what am I up to in life then yeah I would!

I am still making song covers but not as often as before.
Recently I've been very into baking and have been truly inspired by the anime Yumeiro Patissiere.
I have this craving for desserts, especially cakes. I find them super yummy. That's actually really weird cause before that I couldn't really take sweet stuff. but now.....SWEEEEEETSSSS! :D

Not only that, just this year, few months back I tried cosplaying and it was REALLY fun!
I had so much fun and I actually think i might do it again!
It was all thanks to a friend of mine, Chia Mei, who guided me through it all from "I wanna try cosplaying" to "I wanna cosplay again!"
I have many pictures, so soon I'll put them up in another post!
I also have short videos of Chia Mei performing! She really sang good! In my opinion, she was the best singer on that day! Good job!!

Because of cosplaying, I learnt how to sew! The internet taught me how and mommy taught me how to use the sewing machine. I really didn't know sewing could be so much fun! After sewing my cosplay costume, I still wanted to continue sewing, so i searched up what is easy to sew.
The results were a Kimono Cardigan! I started sewing them and one day just decided to sell them :)
I shall elaborate all these in another post as well! I also sewed a dinner dress for my mom! I hope she loved it! It was my first time and the workmanship wasn't all that good but I'm sure if she gives me another chance to sew another dress, i'd do better! I promise mommy! *eyes full of hope*

As to why I am so free, I just finished my A levels this mid year! I got my results 1-2 months back.
I definitely could've done better but knowing how I did, I'm actually satisfied with my results!
I'm planning on only starting my degree next year because I don't wanna be facing books just yet, and a gap year is far too long for me. I'd forget everything by then.
What I wanna do, i'm not too sure yet but I don't have many options so i'm trying to work with it.

One more thing is that my love for anime came back, once again! I've actually been watching it everyday since the beginning of this year! It just helps me get through the days and they are very inspiring (as I mentioned about baking) and brilliant and have beautiful soundtracks too. If you guys have any to recommend to me, please do as I am searching for new ones everyday. Also, if you'd like any recommendations, do ask as I'm am very willing to share!

That is all for now! Just an update i guess.
Till next time,