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Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday SAM SAM

Before i start another post of randomness, i would like to give a shout out and say a few words to my friend SAMANTHA for today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Samantha!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry I had to go back early today. Plus, I was kinda dying lol. I promise i'd celebrate yr birthday with you another day soon.

thank you for erything! sorry i couldnt give you your best birthday ever.

"of all pictures, why use this one ?!" hahahahah! sorry lah, but i like this picture LOL!

Phew! Finally, weekends are here! Sometimes I wonder, why couldn't we just study on the weekends and have holidays on the weekdays ? The answer's really clear but I dontknow why i still question that hahaha.

Okay, this week was really tiring but fun. Monday i stayed back at school cause of Olahraga pemilihan lah, and it seems like i made it ? lol. Did i mention ? I became the wakil tingkatan for form 3 lol. I bet it's Jann's revenge for making her setiausaha =p hahaha! Tuesday was my only rest day, that explains why I could blog on that day. hahaha.

Wednesday, En Kumar asked me why I didn't clip my hair. It was something like this..

En. Kumar : Eh Elayne, why never clip your hair ah ? No pin is it ? Mother father too poor to buy you pins ?
Me : *i was kind of feddup* ahh yea yea. *nods*
En. Kumar : *looks at the other girls* Waah, all the leng luis also no pins ah ? all too poor to buy ?
Me : *me and my big fat mouth* Ya la teacher! that's why you must buy pins for us so we can pin our hair!
En. Kumar : Ahh, then when Aunty Chin Chin catch you then you tell her your story ok.

It was something like that. hahaha. I dontknow why but yea he said Aunty Chin Chin.
After school, stayed back with Yvonne, Nathalea, Seng Zhao, Samantha, Gene for the afternoon session mesyuarat agung for scouts. Woah. Dont wanna say anything here. Then, learnt about Jaya from Sir Yu Liang.

After that I went for olahraga training. Jog a few rounds, then Jann tried lompat tinggi. Pro weyh =D. I tried too. Salmi taught me but i stil phail shit LOL. Somemore the third round was the worst and there were many ppl. MALU SHIT! Tried mata lembing as well. Fly straight, cannot cucukz =( Went jog a few rounds with Delnah then went home. Tuition.

Thursday, after school I went for basketball training with Nat, Seik Yng, Yvonne. OMG my shoots bo power liao. sad. have to train more. Wan Sean was coaching us that time. I wonder what will Hui Ting do to me when she sees how noob I am. After that, tuition again.

Today, hmmm.. yeahh.. nothing much. Just that since morning til afternoon I was dying cause of my stomach lol! Made me can't celebrate Sam's birthday =(

OK thats all. ive got 8 small badges log book to do, and maju, jaya. k bye.

(p/s: Do you still remember my appreciation post ? Chia Yan actually read it! hahaha! Did i mention this before ? Anyway, stop googling for your name Chia Yan, you'll only end up here =p)

i like this pic, cause nathalea looks so cute in it.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random talking.


Three words. i am bored. I have nothing to update about.
Just that i'm joining olahraga this year thanks to Jann who pulled me in, hahaha. Kavitha and Delnah are also joining to accompany me =x. I feel bad that i made Kavitha run too cause she kept saying how she was gonna lose to me and how her stamina is really low already but bull shit lah! During training she straight flew in front of me with Delnah.

Also, i've been asked to join basketball mssd again this year but i'm not sure whether i should take it up or not. Since i'm already going for olahraga. But nevermind, I shall just go for the pemilihan cause i'm sure i won't get picked, hahahahah. If i do, then my luck lah.

and about Gunung Batu Putih, who's going ? I really want to go cause i've been told it's the last year we're gonna have an xpdc to mountains. Is it ? If it is, it's like first and last experience already for us Form 3's.

Btw, who plays PetVille ? If you do, please become my neighbour or something so that I can earn some money for my duck. And also FishVille, Tiki Town, Cafeworld and so on so on punya Ville Ville games lah. But not FarmVille okay. I feel lifeless but it's okay. To Samantha, I gave your pet a biscuit and it started dancing weirdly so I don't think i would feed your pet anymore.

About homeworks. Not a lot actually but it's just that i'm lazy to do 'em. But tuition homeworks a lot lah. Lazier to do. Sigh. Today had mesyuarat agung for permainan which is basketball. Didn't get any jawatan but it's okay since I already got ajk in olahraga. lol. Tomorrow is the meeting for scouts.. can't wait ? =D

And lastly.. look look!

It's my cute PetVille pet dressed as a bumble bee. It's name is DeSouza. LOL. Say HI!
Okay i better stop now k bye.

Till the next time.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shalalala lalalal lalalalaaaaaaaa

I love this picture. I dontknow why but most probably it's because the picture has a nice blend of colours. That's me and my friend Jeffrey btw.

The reason why im blogging right now is cause i was looking back at my old pictures and I saw pictures of me with hot ppl LOL. I mean pictures from many years ago. My face really CMI in most of the pictures but don't care lah.. =)

hott, hahaha. Oliver.

hotter! hahaha. Benjamin is his name, I think.

wahahahha, don't worry, got pretty girl picture also =p

hahahah. also found this picture when i first played archery.

YENG LEHH. ahem, aim down one. lol.

bunch of masales =p

=D Elyssa was looking good and stil looking good!

Okay, enough of pictures for now. I just wanna say that I will not talk about the teachers anymore because it seems that the more I talk, the more bad things will happen such as changing teachers and so on. Seriously, my favourite teacher which is the pretty Sejarah teacher changed to Habibah di. =( It's not that I don't like Pn. Habibah, it's because i love my pretty history teacher. rawr.

I wonder if any teachers had read my blog. hahaha. Maybe it's a curse. Oh well. Been playing cafe world on facebook, these days. So please feel free to play and become my neighbour and also taste my free sample food. lmao!

I better get going now, tuition! k bye.

are there any sugar-free sugar ?


Monday, January 11, 2010

All that I want is to hold you so close.


Blogger got some problem cannot add images so too bad lah you see words only.

Today in school was just the same as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that we studied nothing but science only. Aiyoo, why must it be science.
After assembly we had Mesyuarat Agung for Rumah Sukan till around 9.30. It was Geography that time but Pn. Lijah didn't show up. Went for reccess then.
After that was science.. and after science, had PMD (program maju diri) for an hour and a half.
Bell rang and then school ended.

Since it was after school, went for COH meeting and guessss what. I THINK i left my textbooks there OMG. I hope someone bring it back with them.
I'm seriously not hoping for "Siapa Leong Yee Ling ? Sila datang ambil buku teks kamu selepas perhimpunan" , the next morning.

You know, I think that last year i've been making fun of Rahman too much cause it seems that this year he became my class teacher, art teacher and green house teacher too. but it's okay. i LIKE.

I also think that i've been reading too much of 'Diaries of a Wimpy Kid' because i am starting to sound like that kid Greg which is the main character of the story. but it's okay. i like sounding like him cause he cracks me up with the, "everybody knows moose and humans come from the same species which are birds".

okay i go now k bye.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

the problem is i'm so in love with two.

Yes, i'm back to continue my rants. Okay, after i published the post yesterday, i remembered that the duck teacher said if we have any problems with her, tell her straight. Not keep it inside or anything else. But would it be possible for me to do so ? "Teacher you look and sound like a duck, can you do something about it ?"

Okay, Geography. Pn. Lijah is a good teacher. She teaches great and everyone can understand but she's kinda fierce, ehh. But maybe that is how she makes ppl understand what she teaches, ya know ? "omg i'm so scared i'm gonna get scolded, so i'm gonna listen to what she has to say". Yes, but i don't understand one thing.. She suddenly asked us to colour.. but colour what ? Is it the forest, paddy field, coconut tree and so on ?

MATHS! holy, the best lah, seriously the best. Very fun is it , for Kumar to make fun of ppl T.T Oh wait, it's not ppl, it's me. Pity me lah. Seriously, PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SPECIES.
He teaches quite okay, but a little chin chai lah.. you get what i mean ? The only thing i find epic during his lesson was the girlfriend and Gheetha incident. hahahahha.

KH! i've got Pn. Daratul Deanna for 3 years straight already, hahahha. But last year, she had to go to morning session, so Pn. Marara replaced. I like Pn. Daratul. She's nice. But when I try to concentrate on the lesson, I cant. My head always goes somewhere else.

Example : *Ohh! ohh yeahh, so that is the last faktor for rekacipta.. does ponies eat pie ? yes ? no ? they looked like they've seen some.. maybe they were the one who ate my pie.. har ? rekabentuk ? we're there already ? damnn, i missed a lot.. it's all the pony's fault.. first it's the pie now this*

hahaha, yes, lameness is pretty much what's in my head all the time. So i guess i cant rely on teacher's teaching. Have to read it myself again.

Side subjects =

Moral - Oh yeah, Pn Habsah. rocks lah. Reminds me of Pn Shanti cause of the copy notes thing.. but obviously she's much better.

Sivik - Why did God bring us together again ? I wonder if He heard the wish i made. Anyhow, Suraya's the teacher and during the first lesson we already had to answer 5 questions. That's pretty much it. Hope to not hear more from her.

Art - HOHO, i LIKE ah! Rahman's the teacher.

PJ - Miss Low is the teacher hahahaha.

"You must exercise then you can feel healthy. You see, i'm 43 years old already.. and do I look like i'm 43?"

"Why yes, yes you do" .

Okay, that's all the subjects. Please tell me if i missed out any subjects because right now, i'm lazy to think. And no, i don't want to write about NIlam.

Ohh and this is for anyone who wants to learn how to draw a duck.

Oh yeah! Whoever clicked on my l4d pets, thanks yeah! AHAHA my witch lvl 6 di. Can eat you di. k bye.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm gonna talk about the subjects and the teachers.

Hello there.
Before i start anything else, I would like to say i'm totally loving form 3 right now. I realised it when i stayed back at school yesterday and I felt what I felt last year, which is no nice. Conclusion is, form 3 is wayyyyyyy better despite the first day of school. I'm actually okay with classes being in the morning, I just don't have to sleep! HAHA. just kidding.
And another thing is, it feels like I have so much free time after school. (Y) Can stay back for lunch with friends and don't need to rush back for tuition too. DOUBLE (Y). Can go pizza hut with Jasmine and her sister, Joey, somemore. TRIPLE (Y). Plus, it was them who paid! (Y)!! LOL ok enough.

Okay.. school, school now epic rocks lah. You wanna know why ? Cause i'm loving Sejarah lessons more than Science, right now. Although I love science, i'm not sure whether i love learning it anymore.

Reason - my science teacher looks like a duck. plus, she sounds like one too. sorry la, but all i can ever think of when she teaches was, quack quack quack quack.

BUT! BUT, there was one thing that could get into my head which was , "In some books i read, they said when you open up all yr alveolus and join them together, it can be as large as a badminton court". I still couldn't get why she had to repeat that sentence at about 5 times. I'm pretty sure it's not that important unless the question comes out as "How large of a surface area can all your alveolus form ?" and that's only when i would answer "as big as a badminton court". Now that i think about it, maybe it wouldnt be that bad for that question to come out. free marks, know.

Also, she makes it soooo boring omg holy. Since it's the first and second period, she shouldve made it more interesting so that i could actually stay awake and learn something.

That's pretty much all my reasons for why science lessons suck.
And i love Sejarah lessons because..

Reason - OMG, my Sejarah teacher is so pretty. That pretty much covers for everything. But she had it in her too. She gives examples for every single thing, making it easier for us to understand. Yes, teacher, you've got my thumbs up.

Okay, and now i'm gonna compare BM , with ENGLISH lessons.
I thought having a teacher that doesnt scold much like Pn. Azlina could upstage , the all of you know, Dr. Minder but i was totally wrong.
Dr. Minder is sooo much better than Pn. Azlina. And I think not only me, but my classmates think that too. DO YOU ?

Reason - I don't really like being forced, like everyone else. And Pn. Azlina, at first I thought, wow such a good teacher, wont force us to read or answer one.. but i was wrong. Sukarela became Paksarela. But when you cross that out, she's pretty good with explaining stuff in detail. but i hope that next time, she explains before asking.

and the reason why Dr. Minder is better..

Reason - She makes the whole class laugh, haha. She, too can make jokes. And i've never tried this before, but I think it's okay to call her 'teacher' . Just not, 'Teacher Minder' because it seems like my classmates so syiok call her teacher and she didn't scold. She keeps saying that 3B is better than 3A and she totally wants 3B to score higher than 3A. I don't think it's a good thing to say that but i'm totally okay with it, hahahhahahahha.

Okay, I will continue my rants about the other subjects and teachers another day because I very hungry and wanna eat and decide to continue this another day and not later. Stay tuned.

Ohh and if you are wondering why there are pictures of chicks, it is cause i think they are cute. Not anything else.. not anything else.. hahahahahah.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do, do you got a first aid kit handy ?


okay, im just gonna simply write whats in my mind and youre gonna read it, hoho. okay.

Sorry yeah i didnt blog for a long time . it's cause im nt free and i spend 90% of my time with school and sleeping. more of sleeping. very tired la.. what to do.
And ermm, nothing interesting is going on in my life right now, hopefully tomorrow maybe got a comet come crash into my school when im half way walking out lo. then i can blog about it.

Guess whaaaaat, i became the assistant class monitor. so sad. Kelvin's the class monitor and he said that i was useless, hahhahah. i know rightt, dontknow why i jadi also. and a day before that i became class monitor for NILAM. It used to be WBS ( waktu belajar sendiri ) but now it's changed to NILAM. Yes this sucks, why ? cause it's my job to find Pn Mariyamah, the pengetua or En Victor.. you know la, if they don't show up.

and YES! congratulate me cause i think i got back my sleeping time.
During the beginning of school days, ive been sleeping in the afternoon til night and then i cant go to sleep di. luckily JANESSA ♥ was also up awake to keep me from being so bored and lonely.
Thanks yeah! and your pancakes i promise, you'll soon receive it! hahah.

On Tuesday, i stayed back with JASSJAZZ and we walked around the whole school. Get to see all the form 2's after so long! hahaha! Hope they saw us too. I KNOW YOU MISS US! cause we miss you guys too, hahahahah. Saw the teachers too, everyone looking pretty! especially _____ ( fill in the blank ).

Okay lah, enough for today cause my head keeps telling me nothing but TV. I will write things from inside of my head again, someday. When it doesnt say TV TV TV TV TV TV TVT TV TV TVTV TV TV VTV TV VTVT VTVTVTVT VTV TV T VTVTV TVT VTVT VTTV T VTV TV VTV TV TELEVISION TV TVTV TVTVT TTV TVTVT TVVTVTVT VTVTVTVT. k bye.