Cliky clik it ! :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project warga !!

hello :)

about the pictures from redang..
pls go to this two links to see them as i am very lazy to upload them :)



Saturday , 27/6/09

Woke up reaaaly early , bathe, changed and went to school !
for what ?
for the project warga show case :D
at the grand blue wave hotel in shah alam.
I think that we had really done a good job.
Although we did not get to go into the finals, we learnt a lot of things through out this project :D
After the show case, we get to eat, eat nice food :D
after that we went to summit.
okay, let the pictures do the talking now.

jasmine and me ;D

again. ;)

jasmine, me and samsam

lingling , jazzjazz

jaz, bryan, and mua :D

Gene and von

brian tanny XD

bryan wong :D

jazz and me

i and nat :D

US !! XD

me and chris :D

bryan's hamsap face

err, i came in late

brian , bryan and bryan LOL

me and kavitha

bryan , wei yit and me XD

US again :D

adrian, me and chris. ahah

me and von !!

me , sam , nat , von

brian and mua

brian and gene XD

bryan and i

everybody :D

sesat vonn , nat and me XD

sam, von, nat, layne.

bryan wong and me :D
(wind blowing)

lat kai and me , hahahah !

brian , kenny , bryan and me XD

well that's all for today.
will update more pictures tomorrow !


Thursday, June 4, 2009

pancake :P

cant let the music stop, cant let this feeling end.
cause if i do it'll all be over.
i'll never see you again.
: )

hello! : D

just came back from pulau redang last night.
went there with family and friends.
had a lot of fun.
did a lot of things such as snorkeling , eat, swim, eat, karaoke, eat, disco, eat and etc etc.
nothing much to say.
am currently waiting for the pictures.
i'll upload the pictures on the next post when i get it.

short update.