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Friday, July 8, 2011


Entry 1.

Everytime i think of you, you remind me of how karma works. What goes around, comes around.
True, it is. But you only hurt for a couple of months and i've been hurting for years.
How does that seem fair?
Maybe it is.
Some people say when you do something bad to a person, you'll be punished 12 times worst.
So maybe this is the punishment i'm getting for being such a mean person to you.
but to tell you the truth, I ended it as soon as i could for i know that you deserve better.
I really loved you from the bottom of my heart but knowing i'm not good enough for you, I had a crucial decision to make.
If i had ever continued, then only will I be the bad person.
I see you found happiness, i'm really happy for you, that's all i can say.
Now after years, i have to move on to the next chapter, to find my happiness and forget about you.

Entry 2.

I never thought that this would ever happen to me but first time in my life, i've been played like a fool.
I followed your cries like a blind man would and was slowly hypnotized into your play box, figuring I was your favourite toy at least. I was never more wrong in my life.
Knowing I'm the idiot i already am, I still let you play with me because i loved how you would imagine me as the girl of your dreams, the girl you would exchange vows with someday.
Although I secretly dream of being that girl, I knew that you would never think of a worn out toy like me, for after all, i am only a toy.

Entry 3.

I hear cries every night, from outside my hole. And when i peeked out, all I can see is a cheese.
Its wonderful scent that one can't resist, tried to lure me out from the only safe spot i know of.
I tried my hardest to not be bothered by its nature, but i can't ignore such a brilliant creation.
And when i reached out for it, I felt pain crawling up my tail.
That's when i realized, I was blinded by lies.