Cliky clik it ! :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

i wanna learn how to rap! yo yo yo!

Yesterday was NATSUMI TONEGAWA's birthday and today imma gonna post bout her. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NATSUMI! sorry i didnt do this yesterday.
Was kinda caught up with THE GRUDGE game that i played with Chloe, Wei Jung and Sorman ;)

Hope you had a really great time yesterday <3
ps, she's smokin hot :P

On wednesday, Janessa came over to my house. JASMINE KEE was supposed to but she had to run errands, ahem. We skyped with her anyway.

cant really see jasmine's face but you can see she typed 'CAUSE elayne stupiak'

We did alotta things and one of em was PAINTING.

After every colour Janessa painted, she was like "eh nice what, going to finish alrdy" HAHA
we didn't manage to finish it. it'd probably take years hahaha.
and NO i didn't paint it after you left , Jann :D

Jann and i :)

She took alotta vids of me singing and even epic failed ones HHAHAH

she's uncovering the secrets of my room :D
ohh and i just realised my bed sheet got the word 'square' in a circle so i guess it kinda represents me (boob square) HAHAHAH

LMAO this looks so LMAO




We also watched a thai horror movie, Haunted University and i think i laughed alot cause it's so funny looking at their faces HAHA
and i have this new thing against thai fat guys, cause theyre so EVIL. in almost all the stories :(
There were 4 stories init btw.
Haha, the dead bodies were really disgusting but i stil had my appetite, hehe jan :P

After the movie, sent Jann home :D and went for dinner haha. That's all la for Wednesday.

(p/s: most of the pictures were stolen from Janessa's blog. hope ya dont mind :D)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

gangster vs nerd.

EXAMS are overrrrrr and the holidays are here!
I've got sooo much to say here but i just forgot what is it so i'm just going to blog about the prefects council dinner.

OK, so the theme was Gangster vs. Nerd and i went as a nerd cause i thought i could totally pull it off.
I went there with Kavitha and Natasha who were both gangsters.
Kavitha looked like those bollywood main characteres HAHAHAH no kidding.

Overall the dinner was okay and i performed last minute because Jyen Yiee pulled out and Kar Yern said that cant cancel.
I swear to god i sucked like hell but i'm gonna post up my video anyway.

enjoy ..... or not.