Cliky clik it ! :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A very happy bIrthday to y0u !

haha XDD .

For 19 september ..

I shall wish Yvonne Ng Seow Shen a very happy birthday!

HAHA YES! stole it fr0m her friendster XD nyahahah!
dont kill me xP .

ahh , yvonne yvonne .
sorry but i dont remember the day since we were friends.
but it feels like we've been friends f0r years eventhough it only has been months.

you tend to be rough sometimes but deep down you're a caring person.
and all i want to say is Thanks for being my friend (:

And i also would like to wish Felicity! haha !

penguin fishy !! woooo !! XD .

why didnt you come to school hah?
purp0sely one right? haha .

anyways , i tak berjaya splash yvonne also.
so what's the point of n0t coming? haha! i dontknow what im talking about XD

As for today , 20th september,
is jason oon's birthday! haha. sorry no picture XD !!
haha , so anyways , happy birthday.

i'll update again later , n0w no time XD .

buh byee ~

lots of wishes ,
elayne , 5.52 pm.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The day after ~

A m0ther and s0n night yesterday? XD

On the next day , Tiffany and her brother was suppose to
come to my house to celebrate mooncake festival :D haha .

Soo in the afternoon , my family and I went out for lunch
we went to Summit! and ate at a place named Black Kenyan ?
something like that LOL

These are what we ordered XDD

Lo0k at the shape of that rice XDD

Seafo0d tom yam? XD

nice ;D but sadly ate one only D;

nice vegetables LOL with fish meat XD

without fish meat :D

fish balls? HAHA.

After a wonderful lunch ~~
My m0m suddenly wanted to SING ~

So we went to red box baby! sang for like 3 hours? :D
haha expensive ler. RM138 D;

they provide fo0d ! i had spaghetti !

haha not nice de Dx .


my br0ther turning up the volume XD

s0me ugly ppl singing.

my m0mmy singing XDD

( pictures of me in bro's ph0ne)

If he dont want give , this is what im gonna do .

*comes with the toy tank and head to my brother's room*

*uses small microphone*

"edmund leong , please come out from your room. i've got soldiers
and tanks out here. unless you want me to destroy your ro0m"

*edmund comes out*

*I charge into the ro0m! locks him outside*

*Edmund comes from the bathroom do0r*

*I charge out before he could reach me and go to my parents ro0m and locks the door*

TADAA ! hahA. laming x)

okay okay . after that , Went home , took a bath etc
then Tiffany and her brother came XDD
played candle and lantern .

After awhile board di so went in play ps XD
and EAT ;D

n0t many pictures laa , but here they are XD

We burnt it till it was BLACK and drew our names on it
with a STICK! XD


The messy living ro0m D;

haha kay laa , that's all for now! buh byee readers !
cheh , as if i have any. and s0rry for not
putting anymore games here. no time to play also Dx .

And Do leave a tag at my Cbox XD so empty =X.

please and thank you~ good bye ~

Moon cake festival at court 7 !

It was okay okay laa the mc festival XDD haha.
now i'm feeling very very VERY lazy to update my blog but someone
asked me to . so update la XDD haha .

Since i'm feeling VERY lazy, i'll just let the pictures talk.

Biar gambar explain XD

giving speech :D

Games played ~

Performance ~ ASS ~ andrew simon sean XDD

Natasha , me , yu liang and delnah XD (yu liang's cam)

My noobie phone cam XDD

Our sticky name tags XDD

Wai leong , bryan , wei jung? XD

A candle floating in the middle of the swimming pool :D

it ended around 10 o clock , so we were just hanging out there la.
some of them went to maju but i just stayed there XD.
heard that maju close so they went khalifah LOL.
playplayplay , joke around till 11 ++ then went home :D haha !
and they threw ppl into the pool!

after emily got wet she hugged me omg. LOL.

my m0m (andrew) got wet to0 XD lucky didnt hug me also. :D


Friday, September 12, 2008

hello ppl ! t0day it'll be a just a really short post i guess. ahah.
t0morrow morning there's a scout meeting and it's like compulsory for people who
went to the sungai congkak camp.
but my parents refused to fetch me! that's so unfair T.T
They just dont understand hah? parents. *shakes head* and if I don't
go for it tomorrow , i'll be failing my usaha.

well i hope my parents are happy bout that.
then it will be just a waste of time for me to go to that camp
and finish my log book. waste of money too. waste my time learning it all! ( not really a waste , better to gain more knowledge hah? ;D )
and after all i thought that i could finally pass my usaha badge
and maybe prove to "someone" then i am willing to go through
so much just for that. hais. nevermind me. just releasing anger XD . haha.

Anyways , tomorrow night there is a mooncake festival for any u8 ppl to go!
yayy , my parents let me go to this one pulak. lol . funny laa haha.
soo tomorrow maybe i'll be posting about it. haha.

soo wei jung , hopefully you can come for it kay? ;)

lots of hope,

elayne ;)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

mo0n cakes!

hello people! :D
sorry , i hadn't had time to update my blog.
and also i can't online on weekdays.
aiks XD

forget bout that,

Today i want to post about what happened last week XD.
last sunday, Tiffany and her mom came over to my house to make
mo0n cakes! wheee. haha. XD

Time for story telling XD

Before they came over , my mom and i toke out all
the cooking utensils , moon cake dough and what so ever la. lol.
And after awhile they came with more things LOL.

alaa , lazy tell story di laa.
let the pictures talk!

The THINGS we used to make mo0ncakes XD

Mixing icing sugar :D

After added the f lour.

After we added a mixture of.. something LOL.

The mixture of something. LOL


break time LOL.

the ppl involved :D

Another angle :P

First batch of the isi XD (with kuachi)

Second batch ( with eggyolk )

And after all the hard work , this is what we get (without kuachi)

want some ah? come my house take XD

heh, after making all the mooncakes,
we went upstairs and join our brother playing ps2 XD

playing obscure 2 :D

after that , they went home and my mom was hungry,
so we went.. somemore lol and eat crab :D

haha, lazy to post di laa ~ kay laa.

the game for today issss : boomshine!

Play Games at AddictingGames

haha! can you get them all? ;D
kay laa , thats all for today.
btww , yesterday ahh.. happy day =)
buh byee XD