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Monday, February 8, 2010

What's love?

if only you knew , my love for you is true.

Hello! Today got perlantikan for ketua kelas and penolong ketua kelas. I couldn't stop laughing. It's just so funny! Don't ask me what's so funny cause i also dontknow.
Now i've got two tags to wear! one more is QM one! but i dont wear that. It's very big. Maybe one day i'll wear it! =D

I like today. But i'm afraid that i wont enjoy next monday. Cause the last time i said that i liked monday was last two weeks and I literally died inside, last monday. But what have i to worry ? Next monday is holidayy yayy, means the bad monday is skipped! hahahha.

The funniest thing today was, Kelvin and I just kena lantik as ketua and penolong. And then on the same day itself, we went and ask teacher whether we could letak jawatan or not =X Most obviously, teacher did not allow hahahha.

Jasmine : stress is sexy!

yeah man, i'm feeling damn hell sexy right now.

CHINESE NEW YEAR, is just few days awayy. I did my shopping last Saturday. Went out at 10.30am came back at 10.20am. My brother had a shopping spree. He carried all his bags and said 'wheeeeeeee'. Then, I had this strong urge to burn all of his clothes durin' midnight but luckily i didn't.


Mosquito story continuation

I was very surprised, who would laugh when they are about to get eaten ?! As the spider drew closer, another spider showed up. The spiders fought for AOISWDE92 and I. Their fight was so great that the spider web broke and all of us fell. From the ground, I flew away as fast as I could leaving AOISWDE92 behind. Why? Cause he was still laughing, very annoying. Because i was sooooo lucky that day, I accidentally flew into a human's mouth and now i'm in its stomach telling you ppl this story. ThE ENd.




Spider 1

Spider 2


Wow not bad story right, I can write a book already =D


Sunday, February 7, 2010

A mosquito's life.

Hi. I'm a mosquito. I like to suck humans' blood but they always don't allow me too. I nearly died that day cause their big part of the body with five long parts nearly snapped me. I flew away as fast as I could but unfortunately I got stuck on a spider's web. Luckily, the spider was no where to be found yet. As seconds passed, I saw my friend, AOISWDE92 nearby. I quickly asked him to help me out but because he was dumb, he didn't know how. Suddenly, just right at this moment, the spider showed up. I got so scared that I quickly asked AOISWDE92 to come near me and i pulled him into the web, nearer to the spider. He was just laughing all the way..


Monday, February 1, 2010


hello!! i'm browsing through my mom's photo album in this computer now and guess what i foundddd..!!


k bye!