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Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm suppish. No ? (H)

Suppish Johnny.
Wanting to hit the bad guy who is playing with a Barbie Doll.


I'm not in the mood of blogging as I wanna play more games hahahha. later you'l find out what kind of game LOL. So i'll just skip to the point.

Hahahah! Yesterday, Tiff and I went for some baking classes. LOL. Too bored at home already!
We baked ________ and Chocolate Truffles. Of course taste nice lah! won't die one. Aunty Winnie was our teacher lol.

The "______" . I forgot what is it called LOL.

Face problem! =D

Sorry only this little pics. All the pics in Tiff's phone lol.

After that, I went and cut my hair! Short short =D hahahha. I look weird. Somehow not used to it.

Not a clear shot causeeeeee... Wait till i style the Yuna hair first la HAHAHA.

Can tie. But will look like Fish =D

Okay. and just now, been playing GHOSTSCAPE 2: The Cabin with ChloELOL. hahaha. you should try it! cause it's fun LOL. Chloe abandon me after awhile! she claimed the game bores her. LOL.

First, gotta put in yr name. Cause the old man likes to say yr name. So you must have a name. LOL.

This is a good name. LOL.

This is what I wrote in my notepad, in the game. hahaha!

I love this part. He's been expecting you, ChloELOL.

I love this doll too. LOL.

And after certain tasks that the old man needs...

Well done, ChloELOL. LOL!

Go on ChloELOL! Take his picture! He wants his picture taken HAHA.


HAHAH i took like 114 minutes to finish the game. OKAY WHAT! ALMOST 2 HOURS ONLY MA. AHAHHAHA.

That's all for now.
Shall go play games with ChloELOL now.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feels like Insomnia,

hey peeps.

it's 4.30 am now and i just can't sleep. Why ?
Because of the lack of sleep every night, I'm tired.
Because i'm tired, i doze off around 8 - 10 pm and then i would wake up around 2 or 3 and then I can't sleep back.

I call this the holiday sleeping habit , lol. Cause this usually happens only during the holidays and no i'm not loving it.
It sounds pretty cool in Doraemon when i read it. Nobita's like, "Saya Raja Dunia Malam!" and then runs around everywhere. But right now, it doesn't seem so cool anymore.

Feeling like this is seriously damn not nice lo.
The feeling's like.. wanna sleep, but can't sleep. Head and eyes feel heavy but when i close my eyes, nothin' happens.
You get what I mean ? =(

I still remember durin' August or September, i went to bed at 2 and I rolled here and there for like 2 hours, only I was able to sleep. Sigh ~

The worst part about waking up at 2 or 3 is when you can't sleep back and no one's here to accompany you. Usually those people that are still awake are those who play Dota.
So people, for my sake, please do play Dota. I'll cancel my plan in making it die, lol.

Okay it's 4.50 am now and I feel very tired. The same way i felt around 2 hours ago when i just woke up.

Gosh, just let me sleep man .


Cool, it's 6.20 am now. Anybody awake ? lol.
Read Doraemon for 2 hours. LOL.
And also because of midnight boredom, i've removed all inactive blog links. =)
If i accidentally removed your link, please tell me.
If your blog is dead and the link is still there.. note that I wanna keep yr link. Also, ask if want to be linked. x.x
All blogs needed to be relinked , has been relinked. lol.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I made earth!

hello people.

Tiffany went back home around 2 hours ago.
She came over to my house to bake the left over cookie dough. lol.

pictures will be uploaded next time.

Right now, i want to share this awesome game with you guys.

just click here ----> ELAYNE ROCKS LOL.

trust me, it's not another lame game, it's a really cool one.


Not gonna show you step by step, cause later you'll know how to grow earth too, then no fun anymore. hahaha!

Well, try it! It's Really cool. =D

Okay. about the facebook fan page thingy, LOL man. Don't join cause you are looking for s*x. Join cause my good friend, Jasmine made it for me so that you guys can support me. LOL.

Ohh, and I have a new song already =) No worries, not as lame as the other two. It's LAMER. haha, just kidding. but seriously.

Look forward to it ! x


Monday, November 16, 2009

baby are you down ~

check out my cover for 'DOWN' ! =D


Friday, November 13, 2009

Turning my feelings into a song . =)

Two short songs i wrote due to boredom..
The first one's called I miss your smiles and the second one is Feelings into a song.
I know i have to improve them and i already am currently doing that so please be patient with me =)) LoL i dontknow what im talking.
hahah it has nothing to do with my life, it's just that i was alone at home so i got this "feeling lonely" thing.

I know it both sounds almost the same but haha no it's not the same song.
There are two songs! =D

Hope you enjoy.

video was made by Vincent. Thanks buddy =D.


Thursday, November 12, 2009





Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7 November 2009.

Last Saturday, my mom had a gathering with her friends at our house. reunion.
Mom prepared salad, spaghetti and cocktail lol and her friends brought other food =D.

On that day, i met alotta new friends.

Let's start by introducing them , to you =D

from left, Nicole, Chermaine and Janice.

Nicole is seriously so very cute LOL. and pretty.

I couldn't stop hugging her, no matter what she does, she is just too adorable.
She is 8 btw.

Chermaine Chen. She's a really nice person and a caring sister. Always looks out for the brother, Clement. ( is it spelt correctly ? )

She's 12 years old.

and her brother is.. i don't know how old..

Janice. She's 11 I think ? and she studies in a chinese school.. i think. hahah. Nothing new here to me cause i've already known her ever since I was young. =D

She's growing up so fast that I think she's gonna be taller than me soon. :O


This is the only picture I have with her because she doesn't like taking pictures. =(
She's also 12 but she's much taller than me. I think she's taller than Chia Yan but shorter than Samantha.

This picture explains it all.

and there was also another little girl i met. She was very timid. i did not get to know her name, sadz.

The day went on with doing many many activities.

At first, I asked everyone to come up to my room because Janice asked me to. LOL.
So yeah, they were kinda fascinated by my room being a double decker. And they kept climbing up and down, hahah, everyone, excluding Rachel and I.

I played chess with Rachel. I had no plan at all lol. She looks so pro, thought she was gonna win but in the end no one won. haha.
Maybe she already checkmated but i didn't know. ops. :P

If i'm not mistaken ( Sorry, bad memory ) after that we, Rachel and I, went and played the PS2. Played the game Sponge bob Square pANts. =D my favourite :P
But after awhile, the rest of them came and continue our game for us. While they were playing, we went and get chocolates for each and everyone of us and an aunty came and gave us ice cream. =D (fat di lo, sei lo, sei lo. )

and then and then I can't really recall but I think we surfed the net ? hahah.
and then Rachel showed me this..

can't post the video, so here's the link! Taylor Swift's VMA moment ruined by Kanye West!

After that, all of us decorated my room =P cause we have nothing else better to do.

This was done by Rachel , Chermaine, the timid girl whom the name i do not know of and yours truly.

This was done by Nicole and Janice ! (not the full picture)

thanks guys. =D for helping me out.

After that, we watched...

deng deng!

but only till half of it because it got bored after awhile.

After dinner, we were all snatching the Nintendo Ds cause we were bored and it's fun. hahah!
but when it was Nicole's turn, it ran out of battery so Janice was forced to keep it. It is Janice's one btw.

Chermaine then, not to say pity, but yeah pitied Nicole and lend her, her PSP which only left 1 bar or battery but she said it was okay. How nice of her =)

While Nicole was playing, Chermaine and I styled her hair.

This is what it looks like.. tadaaa! hahaha!

Sorry yah! Nothing else better to do. XD

After all those, we took some pictures and they went back home.
It was already 11 by that time. They came at 1 btw. lol.

owh! and Rachel and Chermaine wrote this just before they went back!

Thanks for coming the other day ! =D

(taken by the pro photographer, Rachel ;p)

p/s: (am really tired, so sorry if there's any typo or anything else.)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stay tuned!

My blog will be updated as soon as I get the rest of the pictures from Chermaine :p

Stay tuned.


Friday, November 6, 2009

picture, picture , EH ?! POKER FACE ?!

helllllllowwwww good people! (excludes sam).

Sorrry for the lack of updates.

and now that exam is over, imma back =D
and now that im back, it's time to update this blog!

24 october 2009.

Sam came over to my house to study.
I just found out that Sam couldnt study for a long time, HAHHA. means i more pr0z. ;p
we studied all those kind of boring stuffs like Sejarahhhhh, Mathhhss (:P) and i think that's all. LOL.
but i got more pr0z in maths cause the master was there. LOL.

p/s: so sorry for you guys cause you have to read my craps TT.

I guess i shall just skip to that part where people say "let the pictures do the talking".

ohhhhh yeah, did i mention that Sam brought her lady gaga poker cards =D

it's so the big and so the cute. LOL.

baby numero also playin' =D

the orange with tha smiley facey.

after that, studied somemore, then sam went back then yada yada yada.

owhh owwh one last thing, this was drawn due to lamatus. LOL.

Sam number 2. (by Elayne)

Elayne number 2. (by Sam)

1 November 2009.

Mommy and I baked cupcakes on that day because mommy and daddy bought a new oven so that mommy could bake him cookies but all the baking shops were closed so we went to cold storage but they don't sell some ingredients needed for cookies so we couldnt make cookies so we only made cupcakes =D

for the icing, we only used 4 colours..

blue, pink, green..

and brown! (chocolate) =D


we actually did two flavours as you can see. Vanilla and chocolate.
after all those, we decorated (is this the correct term ?) the cupcakes =D

and it turned out somethin' like this.

huhu! i know, WOW right ? LOL.

and that's the end for that day.
woah, i was suppose to publish this post this morning but I had no time. haha.
Hope this long post can make it up to you guys.

Chia Yan said that she read my blog. LOL. That's quite cool. hahaha.

alrighty, byebye eryone ;p