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Friday, September 17, 2010

My rabbit's name is Stewie :)

Why? because i LOVE Stewie from family guy as much as i love my new rabbit heh heh!

Yesterday, mom surprised me with a rabbit while they were baking moon cakes and i was upstairs using the computer with Tiffany.
Seriously was SO SURPRISED i screamed HAHAHHA.
It's a medium sized baby rabbit, only 3 months old but sooo large.

Went to Taipan last night to get it its cage, spray shampoo and water feeder :)

Taking care of a rabbit is HARD. It poops every second, every where and I have to pick up those poop every single minute. Not to mention pee. It bites everything too. It just refuses to chew those alfalfa hay.
Oh well, it might get used to chewing them soon.

I hope i can take care of it and play with it well. Don't want it to end up dying, heh.
Tomorrow, mom and I are gonna groom the rabbit :) for now it's extra fluffy and looks like a cockroach, hahaha! how cute.

"love me! im so fluffy!"


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mad world.

Life is not always dark. Once in awhile, you have to bring your feelings out and let some ppl know that they don't deserve to play a character in your life if they're not going to change the way they treat you.
It's your life, you have the rights to handle it the way you want to.


And once you see the brighter part of life..

You'll see that you've been missing out this part of life.
All this while, life is actually as colourful as ever

It's 3.30 am and i've got nothing to do. All i know is that PMR is coming soon, in 3 weeks time.
Whatever it is, i'm just gonna do my best. There's no point stressing myself and whatever the result is, i'm just gonna remind myself that i've done my best.

Recently I had a longgg chat with Kimberly Ong Kim Ming on msn, it seems like we're having some similar problems. I bet most of the teenagers around here do.

For instance (not me), parents and siblings forcing them to study. We know that we are lazy and not doing anything to change but do you really think we actually want it to be that way? We try our best and you forcing us is making us look like we dont even care but actually we're stressing ourselves to the limit. Also, don't you know that we're rebellious? the more you ask us to do something, the more we don't want to do it. It just adds up the stress level.
So just stop man, we know you care about our future and stuff but seriously.. just stop.
There are so many other ways to do it.

Secondly, ALWAYS listen to what another person has to say. Don't take it as a joke and just ignore it. It's like.. we're trying to tell you something and you'll be asking us not to give you that nonsense. Really, WHAT NONSENSE?! i'm being serious, even if you cant tell, be sure that you know.

Third, Kim and I both wanna be singers and yeah like normal ppl, we practice, sing to ppl, ask for opinions. But really, can you guys not compare us to people who are.. i dont know , maybe celebrities? You gotta understand that some ppl are born special filled with talents. Plus, theyve got lessons and teachers coaching them. Now that, is a level we can't stand to... yet. Come on, we've tried our best. At least give something nice before the bad ones come in?
I know that it's a damn free world and you can give yr opinions but don't you think it could actually DISCOURAGE us?

Anyway, another thing i don't get is.. why do teachers always ask us for reasons not attending something or not bringing something and then whatever reason we give them, whether it's the truth or not.. they'll say that they are excuses? Seriously, if whatever i say is an excuse, why do you even bother asking?
And then maybe they'll say, "don't give me that excuse, now whats the real reason?"
What if i already gave you the real reason and you treated it as an excuse? So now i have to give a real excuse and lie?
Man.. teachers these days.. teaching us to lie.

I just really don't get this mad world out there :[

Everyone's breaking down now, no one is able to hold on much longer.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reaching for the impossible.

emo ppl shouldnt read my emo posts. although we might share the same thoughts but it could bring you to realisation that you might be dumb or something and then you'll go suicide. i shall just state here that im not responsible for your death. k thanks.

In life, there's nothing you can take back, what have been heard, said, or seen. That's why the hurt is here to stay.

There's no perfect in life even if we try to reach for it. and there you tell me, nothing is impossible. LIES.

You said that even if a person doesn't feel the same way as you do, as long as they're happy, you're happy.

A line that i see everywhere , 'The only way to not disappoint yrself is to have less expectations' . That's true. but, how can i have such a low expectation if i worked so hard for it?

Exactly how do you enjoy a teenager's life? im lost. I need directions, i want a book on how to live life.

Screw quotes. I know that sometimes they are true but it doesn't apply the same for everybody.
I know im not the only one. Different ppl, different problems, similar pain.
but when you're in pain, it will only seem that the world isn't fair to only you.

I just really dont deserve this..

In my life, i want to stab 3 ppl. But if you were me you would stab 10.