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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey there. short update.
Been up to nothing lately. Only reading manga or watching anime, (basically otaku-ing) chatting, watching tv and so on ~
Mannnn, just when I thought life couldnt get any worst, i was told by Yvonne and Nathalea that i was dropping class. What's this man. I got 20/40 and dropping class. what about the other 20 ppl ? dude, so unfair man.
and ya know what ? i lost 60% of my readers di. T_T
nooooo, sorry, don't don't read my blog, i promise i will updateee. i wont leave it dead for a long time anymore. come back! LOL anyway..

-Random Thought-

I was watching spongebob just now and then suddenly during the opening song, I heard "who lives in a pineapple under the sea ~ WHO BOB WHAT PANTS!" LOL i was quite surprised. but yeah, i didn't know it was that special episode. kbye.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve, brother's birthday, and Christmas dinner!

On Christmas Eve , mommy prepared a special dinner! I think she got inspired by AFC, lol. or maybe it's cause daddy asked mommy to. Then again, it could be because it's my brother's birthday. But when I think about it, it must be because of me =D

tomato soup.

tomato soup with cheese XD.

mash potatoes.

roast lamb ?

sparkling juice, lol.

After dinner, we took out the cake.

noob's officially 18 and can't do anything, pity.

make wish..

[no pic]


cut cake..

then act cute.

then pose!

end of christmas eve dinrar.


On Christmas, mommy cooked ..

jeng jeng jeng!


it's really tasty .. especially the stuffing.

roast lamb.

this is the leftover stuffing, wrapped with bacon. (Y)

dessert ? jelly XD

Ping Ying and Shang Shi came and had dinner with us too.
I was thinking to myself, "wow, i shouldve asked Yu Liang and Sze Tah to come too".
eheh.. XD


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Things that happened long ago.. lol.

Many many many days or maybe weeks ago, I went over to Tiffany's for a sleepover.
It's cause my family went to a far place lol for a wedding dinner and i didn't wanna go, so yeah.
I went there in the evening i guess. After awhile, Tiff, Tiff's fam and I went to Port Klang for dinner with their friends. I forgot what's the place called.

The food there was greaaat and
I was thinking to myself, 'Not only mommy, daddy and korkor got nice food, but i also got. BWAHAHHAHA'.

As I was saying, we had crabs, lalas, glass noodles, fried rice, man tau and eteca.
Why don't cha take a look for yourself.

Went back to Tiff's place after that and Tiffany, the facebook obsess, plays facebook while watching a lame Korean movie (Chaw). It's about a wild boar lol.
Was suppose to watch Coming Soon but Tiff chickened out, hell yeah. ;P

Tiffany slept after the movie. It was around 2 durin' that time. It's like she closes her eyes and in a few minutes you can hear her snoring. I was like "WTH ? sleeping already ?!". It's not fair man.
I slept around 5. and pergi mampuslah to the ppl who told me that when you close your eyes for 20 minutes, can sleep di. I took 3 hours yo. How come ah ?

The nexy day, woke up around 9.30am and we bathe and get changed and went to Pyramid to watch New Moon. Tiff keeps poking me with her elbow everytime Taylor Lautner shows up. LOL.

Went back at 5 somethin' if i'm not wrong and I called my dad to pick me up. Went home, was so tired that i fell alseep. and yay, cannot sleep at night again =D.


Ohh wait, and then 2 days later, I had a so-called reunion with my primary school friends at Pyramid. Why i said so-called ? cause it's like, less than 10 ppl from our class showed up. Nevermind, since it was him who planned it, we should have already known, right Tiffany ?! XD

Reached Pyramid around 10.30 and the time was set at 10. But they showed up at 11. nice. And TIff and I thought we were already late. hahaha.
Ate lunch at A&W. Had burger. Tiff ate hotdog ? LOL and "curly fries" (actually it's onion rings but she keeps mixing 'em up")
After lunch, went bowling , but only watched. Then, went to Tiffany's favourite place to find something she wants. After that, other friends wanted to watch New Moon. But since we already watched, we didnt go. Instead, we walked around and went to tutti fruiti.
We still had a lotta time then, so went to MPH and read some books. When it's time, we meet up with them and went to the archery. The guy who planned this thing was good at archery mann, didn't knw hahah. and it looks like he was hittin' on Tiffany. Wahahahhaha TIffany, if you read this, I hope you realised it too LOL!

Then, went home! and slept again. and couldnt sleep at night again. nice.

That's about it for that week.

alienware keyboard =D (brother's)