Cliky clik it ! :D

Thursday, July 30, 2009


just walk awayyyyyy ~

Hey there !

First, i wanna say that i added some songs to my blog.
hope you enjoy it. haha.
you may stop it if it's too annoying XD

Secondly, I've nothing much to tell about today.. except that i found many ways to amuse Samantehh and Kavitha. haha.
One of it is Kavitha's pen techinic.
bet you'll find it amusing as well.

And lastly, i find Numero (dooodolls) VERY cute :D

ahah, there's a small version of it..

Big version...

and also in a keychain form XD

hahaha !
It's a plush doll btw.
Hopes that MOMMY ( who reads my blog without fail, muajaja ) wil get it for me , LOLOL.

BTW, i saw Nathalea today after tuition.
she called out Yvonne's name so i shouted "EH, NATHALEA WEYH, BUT WHERE ?!"
then she shouted "here la , dumb"
and then we laughed "hahaha" because it was so very funny.

hahaha, i'm currently on the phone with Yvonne because she has too much credit.
yeah XD

Will update more tomorrow, chao !

(p/s: please tag on my cbox before you leave , thanks ! :D )

Yvonne is a hahahahaha.
Elayne :P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saw 12 :D


*still laughin'*


just kidding.


bye :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Showing my appreciation ! :) - Once loved, always loved :)

Have you ever wondered who are your true friends ?
For me, i didn't, thinking that everyone is the same, can be trusted, and will always be there for you.
But there's always gonna be a moment where you stop, think and realise that some friends come and go in your life.

so remember,
A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace.
Appreciate what you have :)

Many people will walk in and out of your lives
but only true friends leave foot prints in your heart.

'Friendships are like flowers
They grow with time and can
stem into something very beautiful.
If you don't take care of them
They will wilt away.
Friends are very special
just like a delicate flower is.
Let your friends know how special
they are today and everyday of your like.'

Knowing this, i will use my time now to appreciate all my friends around me ! :)

Low Chia Yan :)
(she probably won't be seeing this)

Samantehh :)

Detective Wee XD

Shu Xin Teh :)

the best guy-mom XD

Kavi ! ( monkey )

Sow Lei Yang ( stil love you ) :)

Jann !! :D

Nutty nat !

Brian, Kenny, Bryan :)

Lat Kai !

Nathaleaaaa :D

Ivy darling :)

Sah poh Sophie XD

Emilylylyly :)

Yvonne Ng SS ! XD

Delnah MK :)


JassJazz ~

Yu Liang :)

Too Ah Seng XD

mizerrrrrr ! (norman)

Wei Jung ! :)

Nathan !

Once loved, always loved :)
Thanks for always being there for me ! :D
Thanks for making me laugh all the time.
Thanks for keeping me in company whenever im in need of someone.
Thanks for helping me whenever i need help.
Thanks for making my world a happy and joyful place.
Better yet, thanks for EVERYTHING !

(p/s: pictures are simply put, so don't bother comparing who's at the top and who's at the bottom :D )
(p/ss: tell me if i left out anyone pls :( )
(p/sss: if your picture and name is not here, i stil appreciate and love you guys ! :) )
(p/ssss: and it's probably becauz i couldnt find your pictures :P )

True friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget ! :)
With much love,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Even the best fall down sometimes.

Forgive and forget.
i love you.

(p/s: Happy Birthday Wei Yit !!)


Even though there's another man in my life,
you will always be my boo.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My boo

It started when we were younger and you were mine.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gadget building

Hey hey !

attended scout meeting this morning and today's activity was building a gadget !
only had 4 patrols because too little wood.
so.. combined with Yvonne's patrol ! patrol 3. haha.

We built a Pintu Gerbang.
Though i got lots of blisters building it, am stil very very satisfied plus happy with it !
The Cookie ( TM ) said that our gadget was the best becauz it's kukuh. haha.
but it is not neat though.

so anyways.. here are some of the pictures taken with Ah Seng's phone :D

Patrol 2 and 3 :D

Johnathan !

From the left : Chun Seng, Johnathan, Brian, (forgot the two girls name , SORRY), Gene, YU LIANG, Ah Seng, Yvonne, Me, Lin Pei and Derrick !

I somehow find, you and i collide.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday CHloe !

A picture from camp, grabbed from Yu Liang's blog.
hahaa, if want to see more, do go view his blog.


Try playing this game, it's so cute and fun LOL.

Play Games at AddictingGames

if cannot load, go to this link and play :D


and, today is a wonderful plus special girl punya birthday !

say Happy Birthday to the one and only Chloe Anna Ng ! whee !

yours truly,

Monday, July 20, 2009


heylow ppl !

back from camp yesterday, didnt post anything becauz was too tired + lazy.
did log book instead LOL!

I know i promised to have a short update about the camp in the last post,
so i am gonna do it now ! lol.

About the camp, it was awesome !
learnt alot of new things (songs, claps, knots, how to build stuffs and etc etc)

First day,
settled in, build the tent and pagar and rubbish bin.
fyi, i was sharing tent with Samantehh, Yvonne, Natasha and Kavitha.
after tht, had dinner ( THANK YOU SENIORS ) and then did ice breaking.
we were told to draw a flag.
after that we present about it. then did the simpulan.
then went to bed :D

Second day,
Woke up around 4 and fall in around 7. ( i think la.. brain cannot work properly to remember )
then did upacara menaikkan bendera and then it was time for morning inspection.
afta tht went to stations for maju test. lmao.
and then and then free time ? (dont remember)
after that was some expedisi i gues.. then went on with MK.
went to bed. been woken up around 1.. and then......

hey, i find this kitty really cute haha.

lol, i shal continue. and then... for the.....

Third day,
Did some activity called bulan purnama lol.
gabung patrol with kavitha and was given only two candles.
our job is to walk to the 'iffle tower' which was around 1.5 km distance from campsite ?
finished around 3 or 4 and me, nat, von, sam, kavi stayed awake doing the modal perintis.
After awhile kavi and nat went to bed and we got bored so we chatted/joked around with Yu Liang.. Yu Liang was sitting beside us from the start by the way. haha.
Yu Liang taught us a cup game and then not long after that, Wei Jung joined us
and then Kah Sern joined us .. lol.
stayed awake the whole night and then it was already 6 ++
so we changed into full U and sit around first.
then Yvonne blew the whistle and then we gathered to do upacara menaikkan bendera.
after that was morning inspection again and then and then was i dontknow lol.
im sorry readers as i am very lazy to think.
We built a rakit ( those who taking maju )
and then we carried it to the water.. on the way it broke kao kao lol but stil can float haha.
NOT BAD ! :D for first timers lol.
After that was free time and then pack up, put down the tent and went back home.


(p/s: im writting this now and im feeling really sleepy so please ignore my errors or anything you do not understand)

(p/ss: don't ask me why i put that kitty picture in the middle there, it loaded during that time so i just put it there. haha.)

Once a scout, always a scout.

Friday, July 17, 2009

bye peeps !

Shin Chan dress up ?!


gonna be gone for 3 days as i am going camp today , later lol.

Will have a short update about it after i am back.

see yaaaaaa ~


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


numero !

Im gonna stop blogging for awhile as i need some time and space to complete all my uncomplete works !

and also, it's like nobody reads my blog although i start to get a habit of updating it everyday.
*stares at the empty cbox and watching the views of my blog go down everyday* sighh.
so yeah why not juz stop blogging for awhile.

Don't worry,

If there's actually something special or exciting slash interesting happening in my life, then why not, i'll share it with you guys here but dont forget to read :)

(p/s: *to john* yeahh , so alive but it's dead at the same time)


woohoo weehee

Maaf, sekarang saya mesti hadiri tuisyen.

tetapi saya akan 'blog' lagi nanti apabila saya balik.

Jangan lupa mambaca blog saya nanti !!

jumpa lagi kawan kawan !! LOL

(p/s: my BM sarks hahahahahhaha)

Kau tahu betapa ku sayang pada mu

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Something interesting to share with you ppl :D

the best game ever.


Whatever it takes im nt gonna break the promise i made.

Monday, July 13, 2009

To my 'dear' friend.

To my dear friend name TCK , no , not Tecktonik , it's Tan Chun Keat LOL.

You've already signed out but i hope you'll see this the next day.

yeah, the reason why i put this song is because it always reminds me of you ~
Why ? because it's your favourite song. hahaha.
Not because of anything else :X

Just hope you will feel better and dont love til so cham lol
and i dnt have to comfort you everyday lol.

peace out yo !!

(p/s: i seriously dontknow what to say, hahaha dont get more mad after reading this please.)

From yours truly.


Heyloww readers.

We ( Colin, Natasha, Nathalea and yours truly ) have finally came up to two songs to perform.
Actually we were only gonna perform 1 song but teacher insisted to do 2.

So the songs are...... *find out yrselves*

Today was a boring, yeah boring day, like usual.

English, did composition. A dialouge of two people chatting about a night market. lol.
So i put Elayne (me) and Deborah (Chia Yan). Samantehh put Samantha (herself) and Deborah (Chia Yan). And Chia Yan put her ownself and Denyse.
In case you guys don't know who Denyse is.. Denyse is actually some of our names combined together.

D : Deborah
E : Elayne
N : Natasha
Y : Yvonne
S : Samantha
E : (unknown)

lol, but the last 'E' has no one's name to put.
hahahah i've got to say, cool name Chia Yan XD.

Maths, it was actually the first time Samantehh concentrating in a Maths class. I'm indeed very impressed. It was actually fun and we didn't even realise that an hour has passed by. We didn't even mention our daily sentence such as 'i shouldnt have came to school today'.
Impressed har ? ;)

BM, We did a short essay on cockroaches, flies and rats.
Only now I know that cockroaches do their business while eat at the same time.
Very disgusting. lol.

Moral, went to find Cik Mazni as we have to tell her the songs we are singing, who is performing and so on. Came back and did some notes and exercise.

Assembly, as usual, sing song, listen to teacher, sing school song and then went back home !

Eat, bathed and got ready for tuition.

Science teacher was teaching about Water.
I think the book has a lot of errors as i dont even understand what were they asking for.

Maths was really fun today because there is a new teacher named Miss Kala ( if that is how to spell it ).
Mr Goh ( the former maths teacher ) has stopped teaching us for idk why. haha.
Spent the whole maths period Introducing herself and introducing ourselves.
and she also told us about her experience being a student.
it was really interesting and funny at the same time.

Hopefully i'll enjoy tuition more, like that.






When you tell me that you love me,
those just words.

Sunday, July 12, 2009






























and after !

(just for laughs)

made by yrs truly, Enyaleeh and Samantehh the airhole.

Samantehh says hi.


WE just finished watching the show "The haunting of Conniticut"
it was so scary slash frightening becauz Samantehh was beside me.
with nuggets.
the wedges werent scary though.

As usual, Samantehh's 10 ish became 12 ish and nw her 12 ish became 1 ish going to 2 ish.
Luckily she brought KFC or not i wouldnt let her in my house.
( evil sound effect )

Elayne has finally left the comp !
Sam here.
The real reason it was scary is because she screamed abt 10 times :)

back LOL
currently chatting with colin who only likes emo songs.
yeah , i dontknow why too.

Am gonna continue updating this blog tomorrow.
cause now i'm gonna have to wrestle with Samantehh.

Good bye good people !
Elayne and Samantehh. (her favourite colour is pink btw)

If your lost,

make sure you DON'T shout "SAMANTEHH ! SAVE ME !"
because you'll probably be dead.


A little something for Sam as she is coming over soon in maybe an hour.

About yesterday, did nothing much lah.
Whole morning "Zzz". Yes, i skipped scouts meeting again :(
Afternoon, search for songs and play the guitar till evening and then went out til night.

Yeahh, so bored right, i know lol.

Anyway, will update later at night when i have something to update about !!

(p/s: All those quotes above are made by Samantehh herself hahahahah)

Would you rather ask Samantehh for help or kill yrself ? ;)

yrs truly,
The best friend you can ever have ! :D

My favourite song.

Just wanna share one of my favourite songs with you guys.

Let's Groove - Earth wind and fire

Let this groove, get you to move,
it's alright, alright
let this groove, set in your shoes,
stand up, alright

Gonna tell you what you can do,
with my love, alright
Let you know girl you're looking good
you're out of sight and alright

Move yourself and glide like a 747
loos yourself in the sky among the clouds in the heavens

Let this groove, light up your fuse, alright
Let this groove, set in your shoes

stand up, alright
Let me tell you what you can do
with my love, alright

Gotta let you know girl you're looking good
you're out of sight, you're alright

Tell the DJ to play your favorite tune
then you know it's okay
What you found is happiness, now

Let this groove, get you to move, alright
Let this groove set in your shoes
stand up, alright

You will find peace of mind on the floor
Take a little time, come and see, you and me
make a little sign, I'll be there after a while
if you want my love

We can boogie on down, down, down, down
Let's groove tonight
share the spice of life
baby slice it right
we're gonna groove tonight

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where did I go wrong,

I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And i would have stayed up with you the whole night
Had i known how to save a life.


Heading to Bangi now to fetch my brother and have dinner.
Will update after i'm back !

Call me if there is anything.

msn status : AFK ! ( not 'Astronomy For Kids', it's 'Away From Keyboard' )

chao !
"why say chao ? say bye bye ma"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Open day!

what about this song ? :)

Island in the sun by Weezer.


old pic.

Early in the morning ( nt so early lah, around 10 ) Natasha came to my house !
We wanted to find what songs to play and sing.
so... we spent all our time searching for a song and we came up to jesse mcartney - because you live.
found the piano sheets and guitar chords.
Bathed, Cooked lunch and eat and got ready to go to school.
Received a call + message from Samantehh LOL.

When i reached there, i just remembered that im in charge of doing the scout activity for this Saturday.
Asked Seng Zhao to do but.. he said he doesnt have the book. Plus, he doesnt know how to do ?
Same goes for Jason.
Wanted to plan it with KV but then she was having teakwando.
so after her teakwando it is.
Natasha was told to build another flag pole, i didnt help, sorry :(

Jammed the whole time in class.
Colin didnt like the song so he chose tongue tied.
but we cant find piano sheets for that song, so.. i dontknow :(

Colin went back around 4.30, so yeah.
KV was suppose to come and do it but she didnt show up.
i think someone told her i went back already ? who knows.
and then my mom came, so i couldnt do it.

Luckily, KV and Delnah did it already. Quite a relief to hear that.
Reached home, changed and fell asleep on the bed.
Dad bought asam laksa for dinner.

Now im learning this song "Island in the sun" by Weezer with Jazz.
Yes, it's the song above. haha.

That's all for today, will update more tomorrow.


On an island in the sun
We’ll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can’t control my brain.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If that boy don't love you by now,

he wil never ever, never ever love you.


can you readers help me do something ?

can you please tell me what you think about this song..

green day - 21 guns.


heylowww loves.

Went to school early, around 9 am today for patrol system.
was very much disappointed with the juniors.

Ate lunch in the canteen after that.
only had two sandwiches for lunch :( envy Chia Yan.
(she eats rice for lunch everyday !)

PSK, Natasha helped me finish colouring my batik haha and then passed it up to teacher.
i think he was in a bad mood. hmm.. who knows.

ENGLISH, studied about the summary of chapter 10, Phantom of the Opera.
I still think that Erik is cruel, bwahahha.

"What is your favourite part of the story ? Explain your answer"
"My favourite part of the story is when the chandelier fell down because many people died."

BM, we went to the library for two whole periods. Teacher said our class was hot and stuffy so we studied tatabahasa in the library. So very cooling :D

MORAL, after recess, most bags in my class were open and some people even lose their stuffs.
Poor Nutty lost her money :( and the same person might actually be the person who stole the keys.
well, we'll find out.
Didn't really do anything during Moral class.

WBS ( waktu belajar sendiri ) , spent the whole time walking around school finding for Pn. Harisa as we wanted to ask permission from her whether we could practice in school tomorrow.
Failed to find her, so instead, we went to see Pn. Nasirah.
After that we were only told that Pn. Harisa has an appointment.

SCIENCE, did some exercise and PEKA to do.

MATHS, only did one question because teacher was spending the other 20 minutes emo-ing and confronting us. LOL.

GEO, spent the whole time cleaning up our classroom as the next day is gonna be open day.
after that, went home ! :D

skipped tuition as dad was complaining whether i wanna stop or not.
so i guess im gonna stop tuition next month but i'll stil continue for this month eventhough i have not paid this month's fees :X

(p/s: sorry to everyone who texted me tonight , i can't reply you guys as i have ran out of credit, hehe so sorry :D )

I gotta see that you and me aint meant to be
that's wht i tell myself.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It all started when bumble bees exist!

Before i start, i wanna say that my post "Dear pacific day, won't you take me away?" was actually meant for yesterday, Tuesday, 7th July 2009.

now, let the bumble bees come in :D

cheese and biscuits !
i do not know why but i suddenly thought of blogging about bumble bees.
okay, actually i do know why.
it's because jazz bought me a cake that looks like a bee just to cheer me up.
aww :)

another reason reason she bought it is because
she said it reminded her of me.
for all these reasons she only gave me 1/10 of it. hahah nice one :P
ok la ok la, 2/10 of it. :) (more actually) haha

anyway, just wanna say thanks thanks much !



Today, ICTL was about H1N1 and all i ever thought about was H2N3 and Susan Boyle.
dont ask me why because i too dontknow why.

Maths is just the same, me complaining i shouldn't have come today and Samantehh saying that she should've attend something else.

Science, we learnt about Applications of Power. It's fun because now i get to use new science terms to annoy people such as Chia Yan.

In BM, we read the cerpen "Tangan Kanan, Kiri atau kedua-duanya". Although i do not really understand what is it about, i know that the father is cruel and do not believe in dreams (lucky to not have a father that like) whereas the daughter is into music.
(something like that la..)

After that was Geo.
As usual i don't understand what is teacher babbling about, so yeah.
have been poking my duck throughout the whole period.

And then it was PJ time.
Teacher wanted us to play Frisbee so we had no choice.
We had 7 people in one group and they were Kavitha, Samantehh, Natasha, Yvonne, Gobiga, Delnah and me myself.
named our group 'Positive Whatever'
And of course, we won! :P
Kavitha said she liked me. hahahha.

After school, went home and got ready for tuition.
Wednesday tuition, was interesting as usual and teacher gave me a bar or kit-kat for
scoring an A for science :)
Wanted to eat it in front of Tiffany to annoy her but since i'm so good, I didn't. haha.

Also, i believe Samantehh's statement ( elayne is a parasite) is absolutely incorrect
while my statement (Samantehh is a parasite) is absolutely right.
no objections ? ;D

Anyhow, Pn. Harisa asked me, Natasha and Colin to perform again for Hari Kokurikulum.
Not sure what song we're gonna play but Colin's gonna sing this time. hahahaha.

That is all for today, not many pictures but a lot of writting.
Want to improve my english so that i can score higher than Kavitha LOL.


Anyone wanna drink dragon fruit enzyme ?