Cliky clik it ! :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it's time to land back on earth !

Today, school was lame like always.

The most surprising thing was there was a lame lame lame lame lame math
test during sejarah and science period.

It was quite hard for me as i didn't study. Dx .
Actually nobody was ready for it , but they can do it. So why can't I ?
It's time to come back to earth ! no more spacing around.


That test was so lame , that it made me realised I NEED TO STUDY !

Note to self :

*Keep going Elayne ! STUDY YOUR ASS OFF !
You wanna stay in A class right ?
GOOD ! then go study right now !*

I'm just writting this to get my semangat up XD
Need to study laa , but i keep getting distracted by the computer , TV ,
comic books , phone , EVERYTHING.

Haha , i was studying Sejarah that day when i turned on the televisyen
and saw Madeline ! haha ! it's been a long long time since i see that show. haha !
good times , good times ;) .

haha ! it's madeline it's madeline !


ahemm , what am i talking about ? see what i mean by i keep getting
distracted Dx .

haha, anyways..

My examination starts this Thursday.
I know that MAYBE you'll find this hard to believe but I can't
wait for this Thursday ! haha !

The opening ceremony for this exam is BM2 !
haha, and teacher gave us some tips already. But i bet tomorrow she'll
give us more. ;) . I hope it'll be easy.

BTW, tomorrow got quiz for ICTL ! better study up !
maybe 10 points per question ? ;D

ahah , who knows laa.
My geo is getting worst and worst and Sejarah is just plain annoying.
i always look at the questions and say "HAH ?"

Even if i read the whole damn text book 10 times , i still can't
get it in my head.
Maybe i shall try it again for another 100 times.

I've forgotten all the formulas for MATHEMATICS.
No wonder i couldn't do the test properly. MUST STUDY LAA YOU ELAYNE.

Science , forgotten all about cells and systems in our body.

BM and English , no need to talk laa.

I REALLY REALLY HOPE that i can get all these subjects in my head
before the exams start. And also that the exams will end in a blink of an eye. heh.



Elayne, 10:03 pm.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monkeys never lose their wallets, they don't have any !

i've suddenly become NOT LAZY ! hard to believe hah ? XD

Exams are coming next week and i'm still in space wondering what to do.
haha, how do you study ? tell me !

I really wanna do well in this exams but how do i prepare myself ? study ?
haha , please laa, it's ME you're talking about XD i dont study okay ! too lazy ! haha, just joking laa.

*note to self : keep going elayne ! you can do it ! *

ohh yeaa nutty , multi-talented lenglui ?
ohh thank you so very much ! haha ! but i dont think it's true though.

Anyways , i've got lots of tags to do but i'm currently too busy to do them all.
haha, yes sam , you're so right , i never do my tags one. haha ! XD but it doesn't mean you can
tag me a whole lot Dx , cause i'll somehow do them after all the stress is over.


so i'm gonna do it NOW.

7 OCTOBER 2008
*kai qin's birthday lol. btw , happy belated birthday !*

When the clock strikes 12 , a fat , lazy cat named garfield turned 13 ! haha ! and so did
a tck loser.
and it was finally..

8 OCTOBER 2008

wheeeeeeeee, I started receiving text messages from my beloved friends.
yes laa , i know you guys want me to say this..

  • i can't live without all of you ! XD
  • you guys are the colours to my life ! :DD
  • you guys are very important people to me ! =D
  • i love you guys, everyone of you ! <3
haha , let's not change the topic here :P

HOHO ! my birthday cake ! nice right ? :P .
sorry didnt share my cake , so little yet so nice XD

* i hung it in my room di ! no need kill me XD *

alright then , i wanna thank all of you for giving me a "surprise" that was already terbocor !
haha ! what can i say laa, i'm just too sneaky for you :P

Garfield from ChIa yaN ! thanks weyh ;)

i want to thank CHIA YAN A WHOLE LOT ! HAHA !
cause according to her , she ran shops to shops just to look for a very special gift for me.
ain't she sweet ? XD thanks a lot yeaa Yan !

p/s : please forgive me for giving someone your number !

FroM nutty and sam ! i love it ! *winks*

heeehee, sam and nut ! you guys ah ! bought me a present from my mom's shop !
very smart ! haha ! but nevermind.
as long as it was from both of you , i'll love it and keep it forever XD .

The doggie LLL gave me :DD

It was on the doggie XD


haha, a special thanks to the LLL's.
btw, i already got the feeling that all of you were gonna show up during recess !
heh, but i was really expecting boon lye to show up >.< . heeehee, but nevermind.

A teddy bear from wei jung !
* i hung it on my pencil box :DD *

heh, thanks weyh wei jung ! i seriously thought you were gonna
give me hot wheels ahah !
btw i love this bear , you can turn its head and take out its arms and legs. XD
you know me well ;D .

A handphone pouch from Tiffany ! haha !

thanks a lot XD
I didnt really have a handphone pouch ! heehee
now i do ! haha ! :DD

BTW, it's en yii's birthday !

Alright laa , i think i should go to bed right now.
i know that some of your gifts aren't here, sorry ! i didnt upload them yet !
haha ! i'll do it the next day laa .

and tags i'll do it the next 10 years.

the one craving for lasagna,

elayne , 3:58 am.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

more tags Dx

A Tag by Prudence!

What is his/her name?

Prudence Ooi - lao gong XD

How old is he/she?

17 this year XD

What relationship are you having with he/her?

my lao gong :D

Did he/she ever betray you?


Do you love him/her?

of course laa , who never love their own lao gong de XD

Is he/she your soulmate?


What do you think of him/her?

very kind and helpful ~! selalu menolong saya :D

Would you get him/her a pressie?

of course!

Is he/her a liar?

emm , dont think so

Would you marry him/her?

I am married to her/him XD

Get it that you are more popular than he/her, would you dump her?

i'll never be more popular than her ;D

Tag 10 people that you really care and they must answer these question about YOU

-there's no need to tag anyone with this tag anymore XD


A tag by

1. What is your relationship of you and her?

2. Your 5 impressions towards her
-pretty XD
-great dancer
-a good friend :D

3. The most memorable thing she has done for you
- tagging me!

4. The most memorable thing she had said to you
- lol~!

5. If she becomes your lover, you will...
- err.. =.=

6. If she becomes your enemy, you will...
- why would she be?

7. If she becomes your lover, he has to improve on...
- she has to be a boy ==

8. If she becomes your enemy, the reason is...
- she will never be my enemy, never!

9. The most desirable thing to do on her is..?
- emm..

10. The overall impression of him is...
- cute? XD

11. How do you think people around you will feel about you ?
- crazy.

12. The character of you yourself is?
- always laughing XD

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?
- my bad temper

14. The most ideal person you wanna be is?
- so many XD

15. For those people who care about you and like you, say something about them.
- thanks for caring!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A tag by watermelon felfel!
heh! lo0ks like my name on your blog kay!
if i see wrong then sorry laa :P maybe you g0t another friend
same name XD.

1. Six people to tag :

- Natasha MG.
- Samantha!
- KzK~
- Wei Jung
- Norman
- Yu Liang ~

2. Six things I'm passionate about :

- Studying!
- Friends
- Family
- Music
- My ambition
- My dreams

3. Six things I say too often :

- lazy laa!
- I wish i was hot/ pretty/ famous.
- I'm hungry!
- Why chia yan so pretty ah?
- garfield want lasagna!

4. Six books I've read recently :

- manggaaaaa !
- scouts book
- garfield comics~
- BM text book
- sehijau warna daun
- doraemon

5. Six songs I listen to again and again :

- fall for you - secondhand serenade
- Burnin' up - Jonas Brothers
- Make it through the rain - Mariah Carey
- Moonlight Resonance - Sub theme
- Leaving - Jesse Mcartney
- Harvest moon? LOL

6. Six things I've learnt in the past :

- Games are really addictive and so are animes.
- Always choose carefully.
- No matter how sick i am , i still have to attend tuitions.
- Cows are cute.
- Friends don't come and go , they stay where you are.
- Everybody needs to have some fun!


Tagged by Lei Yang!

For: my ah yang XDD

1.What's his/her name?
Sow Lei Yang

2.How old is he/she?
14 going 15!

3.What relationship are you having with him/her?
great friends

4.Did he/she ever betrayed you before?
why would she? ;)

5.Do you love him/her?
of course!

6.Is he/she your soulmate?

7.What do you think about him/her?
she's a great person and a caring friend.

8.Would you get him/her a present?
surely i would XD

9.Is he/she a liar?
nahh !

10.Would you marry him/her?
If im lesbian or a guy.

11.Be it that you're more popular than him/her,would you dump him/her?
haha , i wont be and she's my friend.meaning i'll never dump her.
12.Tag 10 people you really care about and they must answer these questions all about you.

1 nutty
2 sam!
3 lei yang! revenge is sweet XD
4 yu liang
5 boon lyeee
6 kzk
7 wj XD
8 babi super!
9 watermelon felfel!
10 Yvonne.

You all better do :P!


next is the same thing but by SAMANTHA XD

For: my best friend :)

1.What's his/her name?
Samantha SophiA Woon U-Mei ! XD

2.How old is he/she?

3.What relationship are you having with him/her?
Best friends XD

4.Did he/she ever betrayed you before?
of course n0t

5.Do you love him/her?
duhh XD

6.Is he/she your soulmate?
dontknow , maybe, nahh! haha XD

7.What do you think about him/her?
very pretty , kind , loves someone XD

8.Would you get him/her a present?

9.Is he/she a liar?
hmm.. ;)

10.Would you marry him/her?

11.Be it that you're more popular than him/her,would you dump him/her?
nahh ! best friends are there for each other.
12.Tag 10 people you really care about and they must answer these questions all about you.

1 lynn
2 Mennsze
3 En yii
4 Nathalea
5 Prudence
6 Cally
7 Kimberly Ong
8 Ju Li
9 Seng Zhao
10 Whoever who reads this XD


TAG by Lei Yang AGAIN XD

10 friends to tag
1 -Nutty
2 - Sam
3 - Yu Liang
4 - Lei Yang
5 - Boon Lye
6 - Yvonne
7 - Kazuki
8 - Wei Jung
9 - Norman
10 - Vanes Phung! :P

Who is no.2 having a relationship with?

- hmm.. XD

Is no.3 a male or a female ?
- Male.

If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing?
- HAHA , impossible :)

How about no.5 and no.8 ?
- then their gays!

What is no.1 studying about?
- "how to see hot ppl without getting caught"
haha! just joking!

Is no.4 single?
- single , but n0t available ;D

Say something about no.6.
- come lets go basketball training again.



Continuing the post from 19 September.. LOL!

That night , my family and I went to my dad's friend's restaurant to have dinner ;)
haha! what a great place XD.
Once reached there , my dad's friend greet us and led us to a table. heh!

Okay this is getting boring , let's skip to the fo0d part! XD

I didnt take pictures of the main dishes , so only side dishes and dessert haha! XDD

Big Alaska? XD (outside)

Inside 1

inside 2 XD

On the outside there's white egg! egg white! lol and on the inside,
there's ice cream , cake and fruits!

Honey lemon tea?

The beautiful place and my brother's ugly face.

Okay i'm done for today ~
go0d bye XDD