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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i love you, boy. (:

Hey. >.<
Sorry that i didn't update for a long time lol.
It's because i'm always using my brother's comp :D
and if he found out that im using it, im gonna be dead. XDD
so i cant leave a mark. :X
* you know la i so dumb , always forgot delete my stuff *

it's because my dad stole my wireless DD:
and i'm suppose to have it only on weekends lol.
but since my brother is not here.. lazy to on my comp XD

haha anyway, last Saturday i attended Harry's wedding.
It was on ICE :D woo.
I'll update on it when i have the pictures.

It was nice to see all of you again weyhh !!
damn miss you all Dx

Elayne : hello !!! :D
Harry : i dont want you di *shows the beh song face*
Elayne : ahh, fine laa. =.=
Harry : *laughs* so you coming for my wedding ?
Elayne : haha yea
Harry : perform for me yea !
Elayne : HAH ?!

LOLLL ! btw, harry's bride is so pretty :D

and and
Kai Qin and Andrew Ng was at pyramid LOL.
they saw me from above worr..
teehee :D

Okay laa, short post ni. :D
buh-bye to all readers !
*if i have any LOL*

and please do tag at my cbox before you leave ! :D
terima kasih byk byk.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


TAGGED by .. ppl. XD

Rules & Regulations: Do not copy answers. The tag questions must be 100% the same. Tag people after doing tag. No tagging back.

I therefore tag=
1. ryan yee :D
2. felfel :D
3. kimberly wan :D
4. kimberly ng :D
5. charmaine :D
6. vanes :D
7. kah hian :D
8. boonboon :D
9. leiyang :D
10. weijung :D

Okay on to the questions:-

How you know 1?

skating ? XD

What would you do if you never meet 2?

I wouldn't know how to SS di XD
cause of her, my life became more fun :D

What would u do if 3&4 dated u?

3-kim wan
4-kim ng

i'll date them back XD lol

Would 5&6 make a good couple?

-5: maine
-6. vanes

haha i don't think so. XD

Do u think 10 is attractive?


LOL, his chicks are. XD

Do u know anything about 8’s family?


not really , i know he has a brother , mother and father.
haha other than that i dontknow XD.

Tell me something about 9?


lenglui that likes to hug me XD
ops i mean that i like to hug :P

What language does 2 speaks?


SS language :D

Who is 3 going out with?

-kimberly wan

haha, dontknow :P

How old is 4?

-kimberly ng

13 going 14 on 12/12 XDD

When was the last time u talked to 5?


YESTERDAY ! :D miss her loads XD

Who is 6 favourite singer?


haha, dontknow ?
kevin cheng ? LOL XD

Would you date 7?

-kah hian

LOL no. :PPP
besides , he wouldn't date me either. XD

Is 8 single?


for now laa, haha.

What is 9 last name?


SOW lei yang XD

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?



Which school does 2 go to?


Seafield ! XD

What do you like about 3?

-Kimberly Wan

everything ! :D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

lalala ~

Saturday - 31st January 2009.

Last Saturday,
i went to Ivy's house with Tiffany. haha.
I had lots and lots of fun there.
Sophie was there too.
It's been such a long time since we've seen each other.
I miss the both of you weyh, Ivy and Sophie. >.<

When Tiffany and I arrived there, Ivy and Sophie wasn't there yet.
So we sat down for a little while and Ivy came back.
After a few minutes Sophie came, dressed LALA. haha !! XD just joking : )
We had sarsi and Sophie browsed through my photos.
Without asking me -,- . And she kept laughing LOL.
Ivy said that everything not yet start and we were already high. XDD

After that we went out to eat.
The food prepared was so very delicious hahaa.
especially the salad. yummmmm. :D
I sat on Sophie because sitting on her was more comfortable than sittin on the chair.
hahaa , sorry :PP

When we decided to gamble, Sophie said that she didnt bring any money -,-
so Tiffany , Sophie and I walked to Sophie's house.
Suppose to take money but she showed us some stuff hahaa. and started dancing. ==
that's when Ivy called. XD
before leaving , Sophie's mommy and daddy gave us angpau :D
whee , thank you XDD

We went back to Ivy's house and played blackjack.
at first it was only TIffany , Ivy , Ivy's sister , Sophie and I
but after awhile a lot more ppl joined. hah. I lost a lot of money. Sad. XDD
After that, we went out to eat again. XD hahaa.
satay and chicken wing! but i didn't eat. XD fat di lorr ;DD.
So we sat outside and talked la.
Normal girl talk laa hahaa.
We got bored and started to prank call LOL.
It was damn funny laa. lol.
Sorry yea to the people we tricked :D.
btw Sophie and Tiffany ate all the satay LOL.

After some time , Ivy's eldest sister's friends came so we let them sit laa.
then we went inside hahaa.
See see , Ivy's mommy and daddy came back with more food LOL.
more satay ~ got lasagna somemore >.< and the.. dontknow what pie.
haha dontknow how to spell. hee.
lasagna is home made one. damn nice lol.
So we took a lot in a plate and shared. XD
Sophie drank shandy ~ lolol.
tidak melebihi 1% :D

And then we started playing cards again.
whee ~ this time i earn quite a lot. nyahha.
After awhile when sophie earned around RM15 ?
then she run di. lOL.
Ivy lost all the money to Tiffany,
Tiffany lost all the money to me
and I lost all the money to Ivy.
lol recycle LOL. in the end i earn , not lose. whee ~ XDD

It was getting quite late so we went back la :D
haha at 11 pm like that lol.
And that's the end of the day ~

Btw , Valentine's day is coming soon.
Get a gift for you lover.
Express your love on this lovely day :DD
You'll never know ~
maybe you can make someone's day XD
and maybe the SOMEONE will like/love Valentine's day.

buh-bye !
will post more the next day.
going to Sam's house ~ lalala ! XD

Will you be my Valentine ?