Cliky clik it ! :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Over and over.

Oh hey!
it's been so crazy long since ive updated this blog ;)
so sorry eh! will get with the updates as soon as possible.
right now im nt feeling so well.. dizzy.. headache.. tummy upsets and collapsed in school last week..
so sorry and thanks a bunch to my friends!!
i will get well soon!

It kinda brought my mood down when i was not feeling well cause on the saturday i was suppose to perform for eco funfair! but because i was sick, i had to cancel that :(
Supposed to perform with Jue Wern too.. felt dam honoured to get to perform with her.. but.. sigh :(
oh well.. next performance is the QM dinner performance.. havent practice once yet. OhN0z!

I guess im also missing out alot la.. bet all my friends forgot me already.. been so long since i went to school! hahahaha.. and if i remember what i did in Penang.. i will update about it.. sorry for wasting yr time reading all this crap! real update starts with the next update!... or not.. hahaha.