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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just wanna let you know that you're so stupid.
youre so stupid that you dont even know that youre stupid.
everyone keeps telling you that youre stupid but you wont listen because youre stupid.
how stupid can you get, stupid?
i dont think you can even understand the term stupid.
dont be so stupid, but you are stupid.
you dont even have to act stupid to be stupid.
you try to act smart but you are so stupid.
i hope you know how stupid you are because if you dont see that youre stupid, you will always be stupid.
im so sorry because youre so stupid.
it's probably your fault for being so stupid.
well i guess it cant be help since you are so stupid.
if life is sad for you , its because you're stupid.
no words can describe how stupid you are.
thats why im updating a post on your stupidity.
i hope you read and learn that you are so stupid.
if you finally realise that you're so stupid,
you better buy me ice cream cause it is not stupid.
but you probably wont, because you're so stupid.

because of the amount of stupid typed here, i even forgot bout the word for awhile.

With much, extra love,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I really wanna update bout the things i did from last week till now but i do not have the pictures yet.
So i'll update a lil first ;)

Last Wednesday, Tiffany came over to my place and we played FATAL FRAME 2!
It's the scariest game i have ever played, seriously. I dont even dare to move the analog stick HAHA.
It's a game where you take pictures to kill the ghost. lol.


After that , we watched 3 movies ;)
We watched paranormal activities 2 first. Mehh, wasnt scary at all =/ and then after that we watched paranormal activities 1. It was scarier than the second one but i would say it was just more interesting and clearer than the second one.
The third movie we watched was NORBIT! HAHA. It's been a long time, so yeah.

Cooked maggie mee for Tiff for lunch, also, prawn balls and half boiled eggs :D
for dinner we had McD's. dntknow what it was but it gave us both stomach aches :(

and then blablabla then tiff went back :D
Well i spent my whole week with Tiffany HAHA. so yeah.

That was not the end of wednesday but im gonna end it anyway. SEEEE YAAAA *waves like Fred*


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Which is your favourite? :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi. Don't you think octopuses are just so amazing? If you don't, i hope after reading this post will change your mind.
Because just by watching a show about octopuses already changed my mind, haha.

Why are octopuses amazing? Because they can camouflage! I dontknow whether its general knowledge or what but i dumb so yeah.
They can change their skin colour, change their shapes and also their skin textures.
They can change those almost immediately.
It's to protect themselves from predators, that is.

Also, an octopus can fit through a 2 inch hole. Cool huh.
They use their tentacles to guide themselves through 2 inch tubes and they can sense whether theres a predator nearby or not.

Among all the octopuses that caught my attention was the Mimic octopus.

Well, a mimic octopus is an octopus that can imitate, impersonate another sea creature's behaviour.
It can flatten itself to copy a certain fish. Or thicken its tentacles, like shape-shifting.
It also can spike itself like a lion fish.
Also, act like a crab.

Well, those facts are probably the ones that caught my attention.
So yeah, it's a cool creature. BUT I STILL LOVE JELLYFISH MORE :D

If you wanna find out more about octopuses , GOOGLE IT!


Monday, November 1, 2010


First, there's absolutely A LOT to blog about.
Now that PMR is over, im having a WONDERFUL, ahem , time during the self-claimed holidays.
Honestly, i have a lot to say but i'm not gonna elaborate it all out here

So, a short update will do for each events okay? :)

Went out with Nat and Vonn at the pyramid. last week :)
Watched You Again. Its a nice show, you should go watch it :D dont cry aites.
After pyramid, we went to Nat's house because we wanted to see CUDDLES(blackie) which is Natasha's dog ahahah. Here are two pictures i stole :)

Also, JOTI! (Jamboree on the air) It was an incredible experience. Thats all i have to say :D for now ..

And Sri Kl's primary school campfire :) It was fun helping out to start the campfire and teaching them. Got a naughty kid thr though, hurt me physically :(

Pictures i stole again.. from SZ

And yesterday was Halloween :) modeled for Darren (an artist), went all around pyramid and then walked on the runway at the republic. I dont have much to say but it was an interesting experience. LOL.

Happy halloween peeps ;)

Though i honestly have to tell you that i HATE looking at that photo.
I really wanna puke now..

And if you're wondering, Stewie is doing just fine. She's not dead yet.