Cliky clik it ! :D

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yesterday and today.

i've finally found you.
i never wanna lose you again.
i'm sorry for leaving you alone.

to : my wallet XD

Tuesday , December 30 , 2008.

haha alright,
yesterday my dad , mom and I went to pyramid for lunch cause my brother was there skating.
so we decided to have lunch at ichiban ramen. haha XD
sorry , no pictures >.<>

spot elmo and danny phantom ? XDD

this is the song ~ lalalala ~ elmo song ~ XD

lalalala ~ lalalala ~ elmo song ~ haha,
i see clockwork LOL.

After that , we went home and i totally
forgot what i did. haha XD
let's skip to tomorrow :D.

Wednesday , December 31st , 2008.

It's new year eve baby ~!
anyone going countdown ? ;D hahaa.

anyways , i had a totally weird dream last night.
and i dont remember bout it. XD
just remembered it was weird o.o aha.

So i just start off my day like any other normal days,
wake up , brush teeth , bathe and get ready to go to school XD
waited for my mom to come back to take report card , buy books and etc lol.

well my results aren't that bad :DD haha
and i'm going 2A next year ;D whee ! glad we are still in the same class
but yvonne's case seriously not fair laa >.< size="2">i saw wen jun, raymond and farah natasha at school haha XD
long time no see :P

After that my mom and I went for lunch at good year court 5 there
and took away food for my brother and dad.
yeaa lazy ppl , dont wanna get out of the house =.=

came back and check out the books and found out that
the bookshop lady gave me seksyen 18 school exercise book. =.=
sheeshh , have to change it when school reopens.

watched tv after that and fell asleep.
woke up and folded clothes ( my mom has damn many socks man )
and now i'm here typing this post. haha XDD.

im gonna go klang later to help my mom close some shop laa.
maybe countdown dontknow where haha.

aiks , i gotta go anyways,
bye ~ take care.
ohh , yea ,
and a happy new year! :DD


Monday, December 29, 2008

new blogskin ?

haha hey,
sorry but im gonna skip the china post
and the others for now
cause i dont have the pictures with me right now
so yeaa. : )

as you can see,
i'm using a new blogskin LOL. heh XD

i made it ! whee , so bangga xDD.
i didn't really make the whole thing though.
i just download a new plain blogskin and then
edited it. : )).

but yea of course still bangga laa. ahah.

right now i'm just gonna post bout my bro's birthday la.
i don't have the pictures though.
it wasn't a really long day anyways. : P.

it only started from 4.30pm when we got dressed
and went to cineleisure or how ever you spell it la XD
to watch a movie.

haha we watch YES man!
it was real funny and nice.
well of course la, it was my selection ma ! xD
chehh *perasann* hahh.

movie ended around 7 i think. started at 5.30.
then we walked around and around and around
and stopped by a pushcart at the link. It was selling soya milk, soya bean ,
taufu fa and others la. so we tried some XDD.
not bad , not bad. :DD

After that we went to TGIF for dinner.
it was my first time there and the food there was AWESOME MAN ! :D
yumm , i had mac and cheese for appetizer , chicken and cheese for the main and mud pie for dessert. well it's supposed to be cheese cake but no more di XD
yea everything is cheese LOL.
it's not my fault.. we shared our food :DD so it was okay haha.

Later on, we took out the birthday cake and sang the song.
my bro had to stand up the chair and make a speech with the salt LOL.
yea it was funny XD
after that we went home , lalala ,

to be continued.. XD

stay tuned on the channel for
more craps ! *the next day*

cheese !


Thursday, December 4, 2008

disappearing ~

look up into the sky,
the moon is smiling.
* very old pic XD*


just wanna say that i will be
disappearing from tomorrow onwards which is 5th december ,
till the 17th.

I'm really sorry if i didn't reply anyone on msn.
cause i was busy gaming XD haha.
RO. (ragnarok online) or PW ( perfect world )
fun maa :D

better than being bored. haha.

and i was in the 'otaku' mode for like , the whole month ? LOL

p/s ( if you dontknow what's the meaning of 'otaku' can search at wikipedia XD )

Sorry, I didn't update my blog for a long long longgg time di.
too busy till forget ~ haha XD.
so i'm gonna update it right now.

Yesterday my family and I went to fetch my grandmaa back
from the airport to her house.
and no it isn't near. in Malacca weyhh ! aiseh.

Whole day in the car ni.. so sienn.
nothing to do T.T .

but it was worth it !
cause my grandma bought CHEESE from holland and she
gave it to me ~


After all that,
reach back home at around 11 somethin pm ?
thenn play game till .. the usual time ? haha.

last saturday Quicksilver and Roxy had a 50% sale for a short time.
OMG, luckily my brother wanted his belt so we went there early,
or not they will block the shop.

told my mom that it was a once in a life chance
so she bought me some clothes ~ haha.

Luckily Darren Cheah was there ;DD
he lent us his sister's member card , or not cant get discount >.<
*blames my brother's friend who is working there :PP*
haha just kidding laa.

Saw a lot ppl there man,
Alyaa , Darren , Chia ling, and dontknow whether got more not. lol.
first time i see Quicksilver got so many ppl man >.< so crowded.
and the line to the cashier also so long. line to go in the shop also got la ! haha XD

Alright laa , i'll stop here for now.
After i come back, i'll tell you all where i disappear to :DD
and post about it too. ( requested ) LOL.