Cliky clik it ! :D

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now wait a minute ~

Something funny that i found on youtube, hehe.

If you do not understand,

it's actually a game and the rules are just simple..



Today is just like any other normal day :D

Just wanna say sorry Jaccey :( for ffk-ing you.
set the alarm at 6, woke up at 6.10 and fell alseep again. : )

Went to school around 10.40, my brother fetched me there.

Reached at 11 and i went straight to the QM room.
Saw Chia Yan , Jacceyy, Shane, Rafiq and Bryan.

I forgotten to do my science corrections because i DID NOT know that i had to do it
and Chia Yan said I was there when teacher told us to.

D: D:

Then i did it in the QM :D

Played the "wink wink" game again and also "mafia" during WBS.

Colin was tha best story teller XD *view nathalea's blog if you wanna know more*

***** skip skip skip*****

Overall my results, ok lahh.

I'm happy yet disappointed about it.
haven't get all the marks yet thoughh.

JACCEYY YOU WIN THIS TIME but you shall wait.. second term i wil chase you :D

hehe, mom bought cheese cake again, ate till i have stomach aches. : (

By the way,

Happy Birthday Chew Kia Zheng !

I'm already good enough to not splashh tinge or my water that has fungus in it at you :D
Hope you did well in yr examm.
Hope that you'll find a girlfriend too :D LOL that treats you well.

Lastly, another video that i can't stop watching xDxD

Evolution of Dance :DD

Believe me, i can fly : )

Friday, March 27, 2009

nan ren nan ren duo xi wang ni shi hao ren..

i'm currently webcaming with NATHALEA ! : D

hehehehe !!


our personal message right nw is ..

elayne : idk who to turn to right now.

nathalea : Elayne!! turn to me ^^


btw, happy birthday Kavitha and Ju li !
may all yr wishes come true ! huhu ! ;D

nu ren nu ren wo da ying zuo ge hao ren..


Thursday, March 26, 2009

But boy you make it hard to be faithful..

Samantehh got tired of me singing that line over and over again last Monday. : D

Im an angel : D LOL

skipped school today, cause..

- im aching everywhere.
- no teachers come in class at all D:

Sorry for not coming, hehe.

*kneels down and says sorry sorry sorry sorry*

hahah, please dont kill me tomorrow : D

For the pass few days in school, we've been playing the same game over and over again by yours truly and we named it "if teacher catch then die game"

Why ?

Ask someone who knws. (except me) LOL

There is also another game we named "the wink wink game"

It's kinda hard to explain it here but i'll try :D

First, you must tear a paper into small pieces :D
not that small laa.. small as in like this small XD

example :

Next, write 1 Angel and 1 Devil and for the rest, you may write
them as peasants : D

example :

After that, fold them into small small pieces..

example :

and you're ready to play ! : D

how to play :
  1. Randomly pick one paper, DO NOT show anyone the paper or tell them.
  2. If you get the Devil, then you are the killer. In order to kill someone.. you have to wink at them. make sure no one's looking ;D
  3. If you get the Angel, you have the find out who is the Devil and catch him/her before he/she kills anyone.
  4. If the Devil winked at the Angel.. then too bad la : D Angel will surely catch the Devil but if the Angel is stoopid, then you're lucky :D
  5. If you get the Peasant, then you have to just wait and die :D if the Devil winks at you, you will have to say "im dead" and just keep quiet. Peasants, if you knw who is the Devil or Angel, you have to keep quiet.. shhh. XD

That's all i think :D if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. AHAH.

Notice the words in brackets ?
well, you can write their positions for them like for example, swimsuit model :D

alright, that's all for today XD

let's end this post with a song created by Nutty Nat and I (under construction) *emo song D:*

Elayne : a b c d please slap me
Nat : or i will eat your family

With the lips of an Angel.

Monday, March 23, 2009

abcdefg !

First of all,

hijklmnop !

something about brian : D *refer to tha cbox XD*
hehe, i can see someone hidung kembang di aah. : )

i dont really knw what to blog about.

so, let's ask the ohh so charming and hensem kononnya Lord Dato Mr Teoh Chon Giap !!

- e l a y n e. says:
gimme something the blog about

chongiap says:
lol okayokay erm from the 1st day I was born I felt that and also thought of I am...

- e l a y n e. says:

chongiap says:

- e l a y n e. says:

my god

chongiap says:
is that okay?

- e l a y n e. says:
so perasan la you

chongiap says:

- e l a y n e. says:

chongiap says:
please I am guy u are girl If is me ar I post I am not the most leng zhai
But!!! I very sure that there i no 1 leng zhai than me in the whole universe
LOL hows that?!?

- e l a y n e. says:

hahahaha !!

So now we know what Chon Giap is always thinking about, hehe.
surely its about him being the most handsome person in the world laa right. XD

Thanks again for spamming my cbox with all those crap man XD
i knw they're all meant for yourself, haha, hor chon giap ? ;D

qrstuvwxyz !

Anyway, there's school tomorrow and i don't wanna wake up late again.
although its afternoon session, but still.

If you get bored or what so ever,
you can always type any lame questions at my cbox over there and wait for "ROBOPRO" to answer the questions. hehe.

(p/s : im not ROBOPRO -___-)

Btw Chon Giap, this is for you !


Now i knw my abc, next time wont you sing with me : )

Memories that'll never be forgotten.

By AH mA : D

I have just finished chatting with fel and so i decided to blog about it. : )

It's been so long since we talk laa fel !

we started to remember how we used to have funn last time.

Fel : Remember how we used to audi till 4am and go skating at 7am,
and then we will sing 'get down' at the rink. gila fun wan.

hahah yeaa, i miss those times.
Those were the days i had fun the most
and i wont forget laa fel , especially how you mandi your brother !!

(p/s: dont kill me for that. XD)

I even found a picture of us, when it was 3am and i used the webcam to snap your pic.
gahaa !










Don't scold me ok if the pic here looks retarded.
memories laa, ok ! haha.

(p/s : i miss you laa fel! and yes we should go out some day :D pull vanes also !!! >:D)

While i was browsing through my photo album finding for that picture,
I came across some pictures edited by NATASHA MG : D

1 Arif (1)

1 Arif (2)

Hahaha, there are more versions edited by Jason the 'pro' editer but i better not
update those, or not i will kena kao ! ghahah XD

Ops , that reminds me, school is starting back again tomorrow +.+
Is 1 week really that fast ?

Gahaha , tomorrow will be the day i will get back all my first term results.
wish me luck aite ?

(p/s : i DID study for this term exam, a lil : D )

Last but not least,
Here's a lil somethin for my siblings,









I miss you kache mei mei and kache teng teng,

ahemmmm, visit korkor's blog then never visit mine laa ? hahahah XDD

(p/s : when are you guys coming back ? stop switching dates ! D: )


I miss you.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


Edited by the one and only Emily Cheang ! : D thanks XD
i love it : )

woohooooo !
im nw hyper-inggggg
alone. LOL!

nahh juz kidding,
chatting withhhh my darling Shu Xin : D

HAHA i became too crazy and i asked her to SS with me.
and she really did!
woots lOL.

here are the piCs of uS ; D
still gt a lot but lazy la wanna upload somemore , gahaa.

BFF's fr teh night! ;D

Woots, i love this lenglui, no joke, she's cute. ;D
and thanks again milly for helping me edit my pics la,
no need say "hope you like it" or what so ever cause i friggin love it. XD

ahaa, alright la,
its 4.39 am and im gonna go to bed right nw.


bipolar retardness LOL D:,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PoST For SAM !

This p0st is made especially for my DEAR FRIEND


Dear, *~(S)Am[A]nT{e}Hh~(^.^)v~*

i realised how great of a friend you are to me and how you
dislike me calling you *~(S)Am[A]nT{e}Hh~(^.^)v~*
but i find it cute HAHAHA.

For being such a great friend to me,
i would like to dedicate some pictures of me to you.

*~(S)Am[A]nT{e}Hh~(^.^)v~* favourite pose 1

*~(S)Am[A]nT{e}Hh~(^.^)v~* favourite pose 2

only two right ? D:
don't worry, for your sake i will take more of those
pichas to show my appreciation.


from your dear friend,


Monday, March 16, 2009


Had mkkp training on last friday.
the seniors picked who was gonna be
kp (ketua patrol) , pkp (penolong ketua patrol and qm (quarter master) .

Im happy XD
cause i got to be the kp of patrol 2, Helang. :D
my pkp is Jason Oon LOL.
and my qm is ... Seng Zhao. *evil laugh*

and and last Saturday , had Scouts meeting :D
finally mann LOL.
it was raining so we did it at the ruang legar first.
we got to know who's in our patrol
and after that we did some "socializing" LOL

When the rain stopped,
we moved to the tapak perhimpunan and did 'tapak kuda'
after that we played a game called BOMB :D
at first we dieded D:
then the seniors join so gt another chance,
and this time didnt die XD

before that,
because we didnt do our jobs properly,
we had to do star jumps so many times D:
123,1 123,2 123,3 123,4 123,5

After all the activities,
we did another 'tapak kuda'.
and after that mkkps' were called to fall in
to take our badges from the scout master :D

he kept saying "very good, very good"

and then when keluar baris di can go home,
but some of us stayed back and helped
them take down the flag tripod ? >.<
*dont kill me pls*
and took it to the back of tha school : )

afta that went maju go yumm chaa with..

then walked back to school and daddy fetched me home.




Wednesday, March 11, 2009

please vote for ah ma ! :D

heyy ppl :D

please vote for andrew XDD
go to
and vote for "leo andrew ng"
to help him win the wild card entry!

please and thankyou!
he's a very talented singer.

and before you leave,
please do tag at my cbox. XD

vote for leo andrew ng!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


oops, i did it again

what a day man LOL.

today had maths , art and science
wthell. -_________-


ohh yeaa
i friggin broke my photo frame.
i was switching on the iron switch
and my hand hit it
and it dropped
and dieded.
HAHA wthell.

and alsoo i dropped my guitar *WTF!*
and hit a box full with clips , rubber bands and others
and it fell all over the flooor.
i had to pick it up one by one wth !

i waaas so angry that i slitted my wrist LOL.


my bro dled a new gamee named
F.E.A.R 2!
my bro played the starting and the girl like
suddenly popped up.
and he said he kena heart attack di, the heart very pain worr.
till now the scary feeling is still here. D:

you should try it :DD,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

update update

I miss you much (:

sorrayh it's been a long time since i update.
exam is here laa, adui!

hahaa so anyways,
congratulate to SENG ZHAO and NATASHA MG for ahemm you know what.
gahaa, dont kill me. XD

so exam started last thursday. bm2.
im gonna fail bm weyh, seriously man, no joke lOL.
and once again i died-ed on the spot
on friday.

I told my friend in a joking voice,

"aiyaa, im sure to tembakk 50% of it one laa"

and when the papers are given out,

HAHA, i think i hantam around 80% ?
hahah seriously damn hard.
even kavitha and natasha said so , omg.
imaginee how hard was it. ><

next week,
tuesday there are maths , science and art.
wish me luck. ;D
wahaa, i haven't even pass up my art work.
i hope teacher will still accept my art even if passed up late.
or else i would fail art too XD!

there's alot of problems with my english teacher as well.
i'm not trying to be mean or anything but she can't really teach english well.
she does too many errors, too many.
Sometimes i wonder, how did some teachers pass the exam to become a teacher ?
example, my english teacher.
hmm. she's great, yea wonderful mann.
and she wrote on the board,

"a gaggle of fish"

emm lol ?
i was thinking,
and i told my friend..

"so if we write a shoal of fish or a school of fish in the exam paper
will we get wrong ?"

"yeaa most probably, she'll put a cross and write a gaggle of fish at the side"

haha speechless right ?

not only that !


"tragic accidents"

and she cancelled out the tragic.

wth ?

imagine you wrote this,

"i have a blue pencil box"

then she cancels out the blue.

haha, nough said.
gunungggg korbuuuu !
will miss him loads. ((:

hahah , ahh jan jann, lets go shopping !


da du du just dance ;D

TAGG by IVY *curse you xD*


100 truths,tag 10 people to do the same. Don't forget to tag!

Last beverage ? Mil0! LoL
Last phone call ? Kai Qin ((:
Last text message ? Nutty nat ! haha
Last song you listened to ? Kau terlalu istimewaa :D
Last time you cried? forgott.

Dated someone twice ? no ?
Been cheated on ? erm.
Kissed someone & regretted it ? nope.
Lost someone special? yeahhh.

Fallen out of love ? sometimes.
Laughed until you cried ? YEAA BABEYH ! XD
Met someone who changed your life ? hmm, dontknow. XD
Found out someone was talking about you ? yeaa -_____-
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? ? all ?
Do you have any pets ? yess ;D
Do you want to change your name ? nope, he likes it, i like it :DD
What time did you wake up today ? hahHA LaTE !
What were you doing at midnight last night ? gaming XD
Name something you cannot wait for ? exam to be over -____-
The last time you saw your father? just now.
What's one thing you wish you could change? NOTHING ;D
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom ? hahha no.
What's getting on your nerves right now ? for now, nothing. XD
What's your name ? Elayne Leong Yee Ling :D
Elementary/Primary School? ermm, Sek. Seri Selangor, then, SK Hicom :D
Middle/Secondary School ? SMK USJ 8!
Hair color ? brownish black :D
Long or short ? long XD
Are you a health freak ? me ? healthy ? XD
Righty or lefty ? rightayyhhh ;D

First surgery ? never.
First piercing ? when i was in kidergarten HAHA.
First best friend ? Tiffany ? haha met her when i was 4 !
First sport you joined ? Figure skating ((:
First pet ? either dog, fish or toitise. haha, idk. XD
First vacation ? forgot. XD

Eating ? nothing.
Drinking ? nothing
Waiting ? for him ! LOL

Want kids? LOL, idk ;D
Want to get married? if he propose HAHA.
Careers in mind? dontknow. XD

Kissed a stranger ? stranger? nooo -____-
Drank Wine/Beer/alcohol ? yeaa. XD
Lost glasses/contacts ? nope.
Ran away from home ? nope.
Broken someone's heart ? yea, im sorry ):
Been arrested ?nope.. imma good girl :D
Cried when someone died ? most obviously ):

Yourself ? yeaa.
Miracles ? haha maybe.
Love at first sight ? hmm.. (:
Heaven ? not sure XD
Kiss on the first date? LOLS.
Angels ? i wonder. XD

Is there one person you want to be with right now? YEAA!
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? NO -_____-
Do you believe in God? hmm.. (:

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with love,