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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wake up call.

forever and always will have a retarded face.

I missed school again today. (yesterday i also didnt go to school)
Seriously, i really need a wake up call every morning now. This is the second time in a row ive overslept.
I don't get it. I had 2 phones and 1 clock. 1 phone had 3 alarms in it and the other had 2. clock only had 1. All together i had 6 alarms plus auto snooze.


I dontknow , really. If youre kind enough, please give me a call in the morning at 6 tomorrow ok? Anyone la ok. 10 ppl call also i dont care. I just really need to wake up.

Plus, im sure class teacher would BUGG me for an MC eventhough i tell her I am NOT sick and did NOT go to a doctor. Really, does she actually know what an MC is? Cant even pronounce mother. YOURE THE ONE THAT NEEDS SCHOOOL.

I bet i have tons of homework waiting for me now. Not only that, i must be missing out on a lotta things like exam tips. Luckily this is not exam week or not DIE. TH for dontknow how many papers? argh.

PS, Sam and Jas and Vonn and Nat and CY and Nathalea and friends, please no kill me kay. I innocent girl, wake up late. Maybe got ghost in my room keep offing my alarm and not allowing me to go to school cause it will miss me too much.

Teachers, i sorry too. :*( Not that i dont wanna go to school. Please dont screw me tomorrow.


emo walk away..


Friday, May 14, 2010

World's greatest stupid idiot bass player!

Check this guy out man. He's such a freak but at the same time damn hell awesome.

HAHA i know right!

and i find this damn cool. Lucky star opening theme song! for those who watched the anime, you guys should know.

to jasmine : when are we gonna start eating books?

Ohh! we're kinda like msn bowling addicts already. Everyday must bowl haha. It's fun lah when you are depressed and have nothing to do.

and ive renewed my mixpod. k bye


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's a Gaim?

School today was quite fine actually ;)
Didn't study that much as my BM teacher did not come to school. Sick i guess?

After school, went to gym at Holiday Villa with Tiff and Bran.
The sign clearly wrote that members are not allowed to bring guests but ohh well. Nobody knew.
Had lunch there as well. A really late lunch, like around 4. We waited for food like 45 minutes and Bran was so pissed hahaha.

Tomorrow might be going there again. Swimming!
Just waiting for Joyi to reply, hahhh.

Sorry for not updating my blog for a really long time. I update now, i update. Please dont, dont read my blog :(

And today is a special day. KNOW WHY? Cause it's CHANG's BIRTHDAY! happy birthday chang!

Hope you have a great bday. If i can find simpsons shirt then i buy ok?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This weekend.

Yesterday was Tiffany's birthday. Bran, Joyi and I surprised her with a cake!
Not just any cake, it was mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.
None of us had an ice cream cake for our birthday before, Tiff is so lucky to have us.

After Bran fetch Tiff to tuition, he fetched me and joyi and then we went to Taipan. At first we didn't know which shop to buy the cake from. We wanted to get it from secret recipe but heard that her friends already bought her a cake from there. So we went to...

jeng jeng jeng!

Dry ice. Sorry it's quite blur so you can't read and learn about dry ice. :(

Bran is actually being squashed because he has to make way for Joyi to come in.

and then we went to a party shop nearby to get these..

awesome stuff. Know what it does? ;)

Joyi posing with em.

When it was 7, Tiff came back from tuition and then we came out of the tuition room and surprised her. She said we were scary cause she was totally surprised. woooo!

The ice cream cake.

After that, we went for dinner at Strawberry fields. Tiff paid for dinner :) Bet it was your best birthday ever, Tiff. Hope you enjoyed spending time with us.

Happy belated birthday :P


About SU's IR day, it was not bad lah ;) There's so many talented people in SU.
Went there with..

Delnah, Mun Ying, Natasha and Kar Yern was there too.
haha, i love this picture, seriously. Cause i look so retarded.

I saw Joyi there too. And also Alyaa, Puteri and Rachel. Damn long didnt see them already :)
That's pretty much it. Nothing much to say.


And during mother's day, went to dinner at Curve. We ate at this chinese restaurant next to Gardens. I forgot what's the name but the food's nice there.

I ordered papaya milk and my bro ordered this drink that tastes like bubble gum. And my dad ordered some fruit mix tea or something and we guessed that it's not nice one. Cause it really looks like a rubbish bin. End up, it was the best, hahahaha.

Yours truly with the rubbish bin tea ;p

Yours truly's chio grandmother.