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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Hey all.
Supposed to be working on my practical report now but I feel so reluctant to read them articles.
I guess it's progress because I've found 4 extra articles already.
All that's left is to read them and write literature reviews on them.
Also I'm only halfway done with the methods section, ugh.
I don't really know how to use google docs, so as I was designing the table I can't seem to make the size vertically smaller. I can do it on microsoft word tho. Somebody please teach me, haha.

On Saturday, I had a messy day but I think it just gradually got better as the day went on.
Went out with Calvin and we headed to Subang Parade to get Boost Juice :D King William Chocolate ftw. The one in SS15 was closed, guess they don't open on weekends(?)

Subang Parade was having a Japanese snacks fair and I wanted to check it out so we went and saw almost every item there.
We bought ourselves Oreo, green tea flavoured and also rice seasoning! Because I wanted to try a new one as I've always been using the ones sold in Daiso.
I was actually looking for the ones with the sakura shaped seasoning but they didn't sell it.

This is the rice seasoning. 
Not entirely sure what flavour it is but i'm hoping it's salmon and not only showing the salmon picture just because it's Kirimi hehe.

It comes in mini packets like these. Soooo cute.

and this is the Oreo green tea. 

We went to Tokyo Kitchen in One City for dinner. We have been wanting to try this place out for quite some time now but it was always raining and if we had to go to to One City, I would much prefer it to not be raining because I want to visit the SkyPark too.
The environment was really nice, with a small pond and flowers (which I have no photos of hehe) and also they have this small wooden tiles which I believe they previously allowed customers to write on(read them on other blogs);they decorated the side of the stairs really well.

I feel that the food was quite worth it because the portion of food they give is what i'd imagine i'd get for paying that amount. Also, the food was yummy!

This is what i ordered, the salmon sashimi set which caused a little less than 30 ringgit.

A close up, nom nom.

We also ordered honey milk. We wanted to try the Tokyo Kitchen honey milk with red bean but unfortunately they didn't have it at that time. It was really nice imo but personally we would prefer it with a little less honey hehe.

We also had the salmon belly and it was really good. I mean how can salmon belly not be good hehe. Calvin was especially happy with how thick the slices are.

He ordered cha soba with tempura. It was alright. He felt that there were missing elements like the daikon and quail egg and that it could be better with them. It was also about the same price as the salmon sashimi set.

After dinner, we headed to the SkyPark and we saw many people, kids in particular, playing with the giant bubbles! We wanted to try it too but were too shy because we'd be the only adults there haha.
Even so, we wanted to get one ourselves and we bought a giant bubble maker (I've no idea what to call it omg), and the solution needed. We got a free bowl to put the solution in with our purchase.
And of course I'd choose a pink bowl, heh heh.
There were also kids riding on the animal rides. There was one Doraemon one and it even played the music, hahah. 
The place looked really colourful and pretty. 
If only I was exposed to that type on environment more frequently, feel like I need some of that colour and brightness in my life. :p

We went back to our own respective homes after and watched Toriko till we sleep :)

More blog posts yaaaaay.

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